Published on October 26th,2009 at 9:30 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara News Tested the Windows 7 Whopper Burger for YOU

To be very honest with you it was Mark, better known as MagicalTux, our Sever Guru and Admin, who tested it for us tonight. I wouldn’t EVEN dare trying it…

Mark tried the Windows 7 Whopper at 7pm Japan time and I just called him to check, at 8:51 Mark is still alive, so far so good. Even if Mark is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to eat several burgers in one meal, he admitted that the Windows 7 Whopper was a tough one to eat (hard to hold) and finish…

Usually Burger King’s food is pretty much ok (I’m more of a Wendy’s guy, I nearly throw-up every time I smell Mc Donald’s food) Mark told me this 7 layer burger wasn’t that amazing. The meat wasn’t as tasty as the a Double Whopper, and the size makes it difficult to handle… He apparently used the “mouse” method (a technique developed in 1865 by McGregor, a Scottish prisoner jailed for eating his neighbor feet up to the knees without his neighbor noticing what was going on below his kilt), where bit after little bit he weakened the gigantic burger to enough to give it “coup de grace” with three huge bites… Leaving drips of sauce and fat on the greasy Burger King wrapper… Please enjoy our 7 photos of this Windows 7 Whopper experience…

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  • Ironsun

    Man, its HUGE!

  • eatingtheroad
  • Yuwakusha

    Long time visitor and first time commenter.

    He is going to need a team of surgeons to remove the bowel obstruction he is going to get from that burger. Either way good job on downing it. *claps*


  • Yuwakusha


    @ Ironsun

    That’s what she said.

    (I couldn’t resist)

  • KuyaChe

    damn w7 whopper, it made me crave for burgers yesterday.
    now i just finished eating a mcdonalds quarter pounder.
    maybe next time ill go to BK and order the Windows Octa Burger Alpha 0.8 ^_^.

  • Todd

    I hate to be a putz about this, but can you have a native English speaker edit your posts?


  • lo

    @ Todd.

    Well yeah you are a putz
    Get over yourself, you are browsing a website based in Japan.
    I do feel sorry for you, if you are unable to understand anything on this page just ask, Im sure many people would be happy to translate to perfect english for you.

    Literally, vulgar slang for penis, not to be used lightly. More offensive than the schmuck, which can be used affectionately or teasingly. Rarely used to describe the member, schmuck does that. Def. from the “Joys of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten
    What a putz! Used the same as What an asshole!

  • winguy

    Hmmm. Oversized. Difficult to handle. Seems appealing but is actually quite bloating… yup, it’s a Windows burger…

  • frog

    It’s huge. Looks very unhealthy.

  • Chino

    Wish we had a burger King or a Wendy’s in Fukui. I’ve never eaten so much McDonalds in my life and actually look forward to it T_T
    I did make a double double quarter pounder once just to do it. Can’t imagine the 7 whopper!

  • Heart

    Careful with heartattack !!



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