Published on September 7th,2009 at 10:44 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Wanna Have Fun and Work with Us in Japan?

Hi everyone, I want to sharea a great opportunity we have for two people who desire working experience in Japan, and that will surely make a good impression on your resume!!!

Yep HIC, Akihabara News’ mother company, is searching for two interns to work on different projects we have and would like to complete.

We are searching for different profiles with openings starting immediately in:

– Sales and Marketing
– Journalist / Reporters

We are looking for fresh graduates who want working experience, meaning that you will bean intern (internship).
As for the duration, minimum three months. Maximum? Up to ten months. As for compensation, it depends on your background. We can also help you find some accommodations if needed.

Oh, I almost forgot. We don’t care about the nationality or gender (mutants and or extraterrestrials are welcome too), but it’s mandatory that you’re be fluent in English.

We will have other openings in Design and Development positions early 2010… If you’re interested and want to plan in advance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

So please send us your resume (in English and with a picture please) as well as a letter of application with more details about you, the kind of person you are, hobbies and stuff like that… Please don’t send us the boring Letter of Application. We don’t wear ties or shave (frequently) at the office, so be yourself…

Ready to jump into the amazing life of a Japanese hi-tech company??? Send your resume to jobs[at]

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  • Cutkillavince


  • Chris

    hihi I love the picture. Thank you for such an opportunity.

  • XSportSeeker

    Dang, I’d send it if I already graduated on my Journalism course…
    Still, I had to post a comment to say thanks to Daimaou and HIC for offering the job for people who recently graduated, which is something rare these days.

    Will be cheering for the new guy though.

  • IfThisFoolCouldTravel

    Experience/Background in those areas is required, I assume.

    This would be a dream job, but I can’t apply for it unfortunately. I’m currently inbetween nationalities and am not allowed to travel for long periods of time.

  • rfx

    if only i could be there, i would definitely apply XD

    nevertheless good luck in ur hunt for nu interns

  • thammuz

    Man how I would love to give this a shot… Too bad I am in my senior year for computer engineering and going on for an MBA afterward.

  • ryuzaki

    I’d like to apply.. when is the closing date for applications?? O_o

  • Kei

    @Ryuzaki, maybe until we find 2 persons…

  • KuyaChe

    i really wanna have a job in your company but im just a high school graduate, ultra computer enthusiast and internet addict.
    i fail most of the qualifications.
    ill be willing to do a decent job even if the pay is just minimum.

    -can do many pc or gadget related stuff
    -loves pc, gadgets, cameras, music, cars
    -knowledgeably of english and very little japanese.
    -have worked with japanese people several times during my visit in japan.
    -i never buy pre-built pc, i buy parts and assemble them myself.
    -has built my own little site that no one reads cause i rarely update it.
    -willing to learn anything in the job required.
    -i need a job outside my country, but im willing to work here if the pay is ok (remotely).

    if you have any other job opportunities please e-mail me. thanks

  • KuyaChe

    watashi wa nandemo shigoto yaru io.
    shigoto hoshii onengaishimasu.
    ja domo arigato gozaimasu!

  • Hanaa

    Dear all
    many thanks for ur great opportunity>> i like it so much
    but i want to know if im a finance accountant graduate .there is any chance to have any of ur internship as well?? as more experience for me i would like to have more experience & to meet different culture…..kindly help me on this as i like japan so much
    thank u in advance

    waiting for ur kind reply



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