Published on August 14th,2009 at 2:58 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Lenovo IdeaCenter Q7000… I’m in Love!

Here’s probably the best compromise for anyone who is looking for a powerful yet compact HTPC… Behold the IdeaCenter Q7000. Sold at a ridiculous $499 (USD), the Q7000 is powered by a Dual Core E5200, 4GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD, TV Tuner, GMA X4500 Video Chipset, DVD player and HDMI out… Just throw-in Windows 7 Ultimate and a Logitech Dinovo Mini… and you have the best little combo ever… I’m drooling!

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  • Funbit

    I think the processor makes the device less interesting.. E5200…

  • krs

    What makes it uninteresting is that it is too power hungry for its use.

    When an atom 330 with nvidia chipset(ION) kan play 1080p, why would you want this monster? What will you use all the exstra power for, except heating your house?

  • Chris

    those 2 small little fans are so small : probably 40 mm which would result some noise that device will surely make. Nobody wants to listen to ZZZZZZZZZZ during a quite scene in a movie

  • Icester

    krs> The E5200 is a 45mm processor. Also, if you’ve ever used a Core2Duo, you would know that they throttle down when not in use. Power consumption is hardly anything when it sits idle (or close to it when only acting as a HTPC). My kill-o-watt reports my overclocked T2400 HTPC only uses about 65W on average and it is a full desktop with a 450W power supply which is very overkill and wasteful. Oh, it it also has 3 harddrives which accounts for another 8-12W each of that figure.

  • Alpha1

    My C2D E6600 idles at 72watts when I use the integrated GPU, and detach all peripherals except the main hdd which idles at 9watts. My psu may not be as efficient as yours.

    An Ion setup as I have read, idles at 20watts and goes up to 24watts under load, the dual core according to Toms Hardware idles at 25watts and goes up to 35watts under load.

    But I have to admit that I’d prefer the C2D, simply because of performance, but I’d also kick the integrated graphics to the curb and get a faster graphics solution, even the 9400 in the ion isn’t enough for my gaming needs.

    I don’t get it though, they have these sophisticated laptops that are powerful enough to run newer games but then they can’t use the same tech to create a thin and small nettops. I guess it is more a matter of motivation, and whether there is a large enough market for it, nettops are not a proven market.

  • icanryme2002

    How would you go about asking Lenovo if you could keep the computer past the review period? I mean you do have to give this stuff back right?

  • Anon

    its Q700 …not Q7000

    and its not the first time Daimaou made such mistake…. should be more careful



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