Published on August 9th,2009 at 9:17 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Special Edition… Izu

Let’s Visit Tokyo Special Edition… Izu

There’s good news and bad news, let’s start with the bad news… During my week long of holiday I had a SD card problem and lost 16GB of video… I was planning to offer you a 20 to 25 minute long video but, this XXXX SDHC Card lost all my data… However let’s talk about the good news now… Well the good news is that I succeed in shooting 16GB more of video and you have around 12 minutes worth of video. The 2nd part of the good news is that I will cover more about Izu soon…

What’s so special about this place? First I know Izu as well as almost all its little roads and amazing secrets better than Tokyo… My wife and I are lucky enough to own a little place to rest with onsens, tennis and a private pool… (I know, my life sucks)… For the past eight years we roamed almost everywhere in Izu so I have a pretty impeccable knowledge about the place…

Let’s first talk about the video. You can see three different places in Izu (there were supposed to be eight…) The first is a “sleeping” volcano that you can visit and enjoy a stunning surrounding view, the other part is a typical small fishering port in Atami, and the last is an insanely beautiful cliff on the sea made by the old magma of the previous volcano we visited. I recommend anyone visiting this place to try the hiking course, the view is breath taking.

What you won’t see on the video due to my XXX SD card… Are the best three beaches in Shimoda, the ONLY place in all of Izu with clean, white sand… As well as Dogashima, another nice little place where you can find almost no tourists, only locals and despite of JRs huge advertisement campaign.

Finally I recommend EVERYONE to rent a car to tour Izu, the best places are unfortunately always far from a train station… Visiting Izu without a car is a waist of time and money.

I will shoot more of Izu later this August and September, and will write a special report on top of the Let’s Visit Tokyo Series… Please enjoy!

Oh and I almost forgot, the palm trees are the ones in front of our pool

Let’s Visit Tokyo Special Edition… Izu(DivXHD 720p Direct Download “Right click, Save as…”)

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  • NiLPv

    WoooOOooW !

    Thank you so much !

    I really (as many others from what I can see) am enjoying all of your “let’s visit Tokyo videos” !!!

    It’s really nice , since i’ll be trying get into some studies in Japan soon enough probably, so I can at least know couple of nice places to go and visit!
    Thanks !

  • Fabimaru

    So great as usual. Looking those videos is always a moment I’m looking forward.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  • joerikas

    Like my past comments,I really appreciate´em-keep´em them up.
    As I´m myself´ve been several times to Japan,I wouldn´t know where to start,every corner brings up a new surprise/motive.

  • Iki

    Thank you once again .
    Any recovery tool for the SDHC card?
    (me need more video )
    Waiting for the next one

  • Josef

    Wonderful Video from a wonderful country. Hope to see more of them.

  • Loco

    So beautiful !

  • Chris

    Wow beautiful as usual. Thank you very much again for such a stunning video.

  • Tron

    What Video camera did you use again?

  • Daimaou

    Limux GH1

  • XXXX

    Daimaou, could you please tell me what kind of SD card faild in your camera? I am about to buy a few of them to my camera! And by the way – thank you for your vids! They are showing what is imposible to see for many of us.

  • Daimaou

    This is a Buffalo SDHC Card 16GB Class 6

  • XXXX

    Thank you. And one thing about vids. This is particulary interesting for me when I see faces of people. This could be difficult of course to capture people by stealth but faces shows life. Places are new and are not moving but new buildings become quite similar everywhere round the world and they are rather a background for people so the very last one (demonstration) gave something never seen before.

    The second interesting thing is a traffic – cars are slightly different then in Europe.

    And finaly old traditional architecture. In fact Japan is rather known as a land of samurais and geishas (it is ok specialy in terms of geishas )) Merci.



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