Published on July 27th,2009 at 10:22 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Samsung Goes Beyond the e-Book Concept with Their New SNE-50K

It looks like some in the USA are crazy about their Kindle, and I understand why. However, Kindle is just a book, pity since Kindle could be much more… Like Samsung’s new e-Book reader the SNE-50K can also be used as a note-pad too! At only 200g and a 512MB storage capacity (around 400 books), a 5” screen with a 600×800 resolution, the SNE-50K achieves a battery life span of 4320 continuous page views and a total thickness of just 9mm.

Unlike Amazon’s Kindle, the SNE-50K doesn’t provide over the air content download, but you can feed it whatever you want (requires conversion software). The SNE-50K supports both TXT files and the ePub format.

24% Yes
14% No
62% No But would love too

(136 votes)

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Samsung Goes Beyond the e-Book Concept with Their New SNE-50KSamsung Goes Beyond the e-Book Concept with Their New SNE-50KSamsung Goes Beyond the e-Book Concept with Their New SNE-50KSamsung Goes Beyond the e-Book Concept with Their New SNE-50K
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  • Niels

    I use Mobipocket on my mobile phone.
    I get about 3 books worth of battery power out of my Blackberry.

    I would love a 5″ screen to read books, however, all e-paper solutions currently miss one thing which is essential for me.
    Back light on/off function.
    I want to be able to read on flights without the anoying little light overhead that makes sleeping impossible for other folks.
    I also want to read in bed without having to turn on the light.

    Mobipocket on Blackberry currently does that for me. No other e-book reader can.
    Sony’s new one comes close, but the side lighting is a joke.

    So, I am still waiting for the perfect e-book reader for me. Preferable able to sync with my Mobipocket bookshelf, as I have a couple of 1000 of books on there.

    Can the Samsung do that? Then I’m buying it. Otherwise it’s just one of many.

  • Timber

    Yes. I agree about backlight

  • GuizBlip

    Backlight is what create eyestrain. if you read 10 minutes its ok but to read a book like during one hour, you reaaally should consider buying an eink screen product.
    For those you want to read at night, a little led with its own battery cost approximatly 9$.

    Also to all that are discovering ebooks reader, the last in date is the Cybook Opus from Bookeen. 1Gb of memory, G-sensor (has iphone) removable battery, 5″ screen and 250€.
    Seems nice to me.

  • Niels

    I read for hours on end on my blackberry and have done so before on a wimo device with mobipocket and do net get sore or tired eyes.
    I do change the backgrond from white to black and the letters to yellow to avoid my eyes getting tired or painfull.
    Adding a ledd-light in my pocket as an addition does not increase ease of use for an e-paper device.

    So, as soon as you can come up with a better solution then a clunky piece of additional led-light weight, kindly let me know.

    Untill then, e-ink books just don’t work for me.

  • Readerman

    So it supports both .txt and ePub formats! This is truly a breakthrough by the amazing software engineers at Samsung. Pity most of the world just wants an eReader that can directly display PDF and is not ruined by retarded DRM restrictions.



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