Published on July 26th,2009 at 10:54 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Kokyo Gaien Part I

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Kokyo Gaien Part I

Hi everyone, here’s 15 videos of our “Let’s Visit Tokyo” tour, and today we’ll visit a place that I like for its “emptiness”, Kokyo Gaien.

Kokyo Gaien a park surrounding part of the Imperial Palace. What’s amazing about to me is it’s almost empty, soulless and one step away from huge buildings… Yesterday I was lucky enough to have windy weather, giving a surrealist view of the place with clouds moving fast and changing the lighting every few seconds.

If you visit the place, make sure to go to the middle, sitt, and just enjoy the silence. Something amazing when you know that Tokyo has 17 million inhabitants…

Now few things, this video is divided in two parts. Below is part 1 and I will shoot part 2 later on… Also next week, I’ll take a few holidays and and won’t have time to shoot a video for Kei to publish next Sunday… The good news is I will shoot video for you over my holiday in Izu, a part of Japan where my wife and I own a little place to rest over the summer (and winter). Izu is beautiful and I will try my best to shoot as much video as possible for a special “Let’s Visit Tokyo.”

Let’s Visit Tokyo Video 15 Kokyo Gaien Part I, HDTV
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  • Chris

    btw daimaou, which camera are you using now to shoot those videos ?

    Love that video would have never imagined that such a place even existed in tokyo: total silence 😀

  • Daimaou

    Chris> Lunix GH1

    MattMan> Thanks !

  • HamuSumo

    Your description sounds awesome. Remembers me to a (fictional) place mentioned in Fate/stay night (currently my favorite anime/visual novel). Can’t wait to see the video when download is finished.

    Also I’m looking forward to your video from Izu!

  • Iki

    Very nice.Hope one day i come to see it.
    Once again thank you !

  • wokatingay

    Just wanted to echo everyone’s appreciation. I think you’ve done something quite special with these videos.

  • XSportSeeker

    Hey there Daimaou, I have a blogger question semi off-topic…

    Will you continue republishing the Let’s Visit Tokyo series on YouTube? Because I kinda made it a series on my blog, but I can only embed YouTube videos so…

    Anyways, great video as always! They are keeping my dream of one day moving to Japan alive!

  • Daimaou

    XSportSeeker> I do not think So, we would prefer People to visit Akihabara News for this kind of news, rather than other website… Sorry

  • Leif

    For a second, at 4:13 mark in the video, the Akihabara News logo was just positioned in a way that I thought to myself “Wow, they’ve got that huge office building to themselves

    Thanks for another great video

  • XSportSeeker

    Daimaou> I always reference (title, link, and source) to the original post though (like, it’s not OH-HO, I steal your videos and claim they are mine… xD ), and try to insert my own opinion about the location, but I do understand your point…

    Thanks for answering!

  • skinies

    Daimous, u showed us cities. can u also do japanese traditions stuff like their holidays, religion, i’ve heard that they’ve got some nice temples overthere.

  • Daimaou

    Our first video was on a Temple, so check this out, and we will do everything so just be patient, there is SO much to shoot

  • ZombiePig

    Well, its empty because you are not allowed to walk on the grass. But walk around there between 12 and 1 pm and you have to doge joggers.



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