Published on June 9th,2009 at 11:23 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

OT: WWDC… Apple Kicks MS Where it Hurts

Ok so yesterday (for us in Japan) Apple held their WWDC conference announcing some interesting new stuff (iPhone 3Gs, cheaper MacBook Pro…) and some lame suff (non serviceable batteries on the new MacBook Pro, bye bye Express Card…).

But the most interesting thing of all, as far I am concerned, is the huge kick in the face Apple gave to Microsoft regarding Snow Leopard upgrade pricing.

Whether you like it or not, Windows 7 is just a huge Vista Service Pack. I personally like 7, but 7 is what Vista should have been from day one, but unfortunately Microsoft isn’t going to let us enjoy 7 for free or at a cheap price. So when Apple announced that their new OS, Snow Leopard, full 64bit, rewritten to take less space on your HDD with Exchange Integration and faster application launch, will cost only 29 USD to upgrade from an existing Leopard Mac… I have to stand-up and applaude Apple…

If only Microsoft wcould PUBLICLY admit that they screwed millions of users with Vista and was responsible for some slow sales in the PC world, and start to offer a stunning discounts to all Vista users for 7, it would really change the opinions of a lot of people to the good.

Not only is announcement a huge slap in the face to Microsoft, but it’s also a huge step forward on stopping piracy. Who will try to waist time downloading a pirate copy of Snow Leopard when it only costs 29 bucks? Upgrading my both my Macs will cost two times less than it should have (previous upgrades were sold at 129USD).

And guess what Microsoft? Apple didn’t even bother with Home, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate Edition, just one OS with all the needed features…

Please understand I’m not against Microsoft, I like their products (there’s NOTHING better then Office 2008 and Outlook for me), I really enjoy Windows 7 and all its improvements (I can finally stream MKV video from my HTPC to my Xbox 360)… But Microsoft has been screwing people hard and going in the wrong way since Vista, they try to get back on track with 7. They really need to stop for a while and completely rethink their overall strategy.

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  • ZiCott

    I find your remarks and comments bias. Just stick to the reporting of the news, and save your OT/Bashing of MS to your personal blog.

    Every company has had their share of mis-steps, and blunders in the Tech Field. MS isn’t the first, and won’t be the last.

  • Daimaou

    Please do not hesitate to write your comments and explain why I am wrong or right, such O.T is here to share information and ideas

  • Ohn0es

    I like his opinions. Tech blogs aren’t just about reporting tech news but also serve as a platform for discussion on topics of interest to geeks. Rock on Daimaou, your opinions are part of the reason this site is on my daily round of tech news sites.

  • Mechagodzilla

    I do agree with Daimaou comments 100%.
    My sony VAIO FZ laptop was almost unusable with Vista, until the SP1 was installed. I still have dual boot XP/Vista, and XP is much, much faster.

    A also agree with the comment about prices and piate software. that goes also for movies, music, games, subscription to cable/satellite tv, etc. Keeping prices reasonable and affordable would reduce piracy. Why would you risk being cught using illegal software?


  • Chris

    I agree with daimao as well. I have a vaio tz92ns wich is barely usable with vista.I installed ubuntu and winxp and it is so much faster. I cannot understand why windows is going to charge as full price again for just a huge service pack. If apple can do it for 29, why can’t microsoft ??

  • ZiCott

    Regardless of your personal feelings towards MS Mgmt, if you owned 85% market share, why would you lower the cost of your product to compete with A?

    It makes no business sense. Its not an inferior product or defective.

    But because its “Software”, it should be cheap. If this was a “Car”, do you think the Car Manufacture will give you an option to bring your old car back for an “Engine” , Service Pack to give it the extra HP the new 2010 model gives compared to the 2008 one that you have?

  • Balls187

    I respectfully disagree.

    Vista isn’t a bad operating system. It had a bad launch. A very bad launch, and after which, they learned their lesson.

    I’ve been using Vista 64 for quite some time, and I will say, all in all, I have very little complaints.

    I agree with ZiCott: If people are going to pay $200 for Win7, why not charge that much?

  • BoeserMann

    Sad thing is so that very often you can not choose. I buy a laptop and almost always I pay for that crappy OS. I don’t want it, I don’t need it. It is easy to get a market share of 85% if the OS is bundled with hardware.

  • ZiCott

    Please understand that Apple doesn’t allow Apple Clones, or OEM to sell Mac under a different name. Some have tried, and were SUED, so it is Apples fault for not allowing companys like Sony, Fujitsu, Panasonic… to bundle Mac OS-X in their systems.

  • BoeserMann

    I dont want anything bundled with my PC hardware.

  • Daimaou

    BoeserMann > I am with you on this one ! I wish I could by my hardware then my OS

  • Gakubuchi

    BoeserMann, MacOS X is also bundled with the hardware, like (most) Windows. As far as I know, you can’t buy a Mac without MacOS.
    But I’m completely with you: software SHOULD be an option when you buy the hardware.

  • Moby

    Thumbs up on this article.

  • XSportSeeker

    I’ll also have to disagree on this one.
    At least parcially.
    I got Vista on my Dell XPS laptop, and at first it indeed sucked.
    Switched back to XP, but later on I decided to give it a shot again after SP1.

    And it’s working flawlessly… I’ll say again, flawlessly ever since. It is running better than XP, specially when it comes to graphics intensive apps/games.

    I didn’t test Windows 7 yet because of Vista working perfectly fine so far.
    I’ll test it later when it has matured, which is one thing I’ll always agree… Microsoft sucks in releasing quality stuff.

    But much like XP, Vista has matured. And most of the people bashing it now don’t care to update and test it.

    I even know lots of people who bashes Vista without even trying it once.

    Oh yeah, I also despise the tons of different flavors on Windows.. they should just lower the price overall and make one version (I suppose Ultimate) to make it more attractive and simpler to use/integrate.

  • BenG

    “Apple kicks MS where it hurts” – I wouldn’t be surprised if the “I’m a Mac” commercials eventually stoop low enough to portray just that: “Hi, I’m a P….ohhhhh…..

    I am really tired of those ads. However, I must admit that a 29$ upgrade is pretty nice.

  • fh

    Looking at pricing for Microsoft:
    - XP Pro (2001): $299 MSRP ($149 OEM).
    - Vista Ultimate (2007): $219*
    - 7 Professional (exp: 2009): $149* ($99 during promotion period)
    - All interim updates: free
    * Upgrade price from prior version
    - Total: $467 – $667, cheaper if you only need “Home” editions.

    For Apple:
    - OSX 10.0 (2001): $129
    - OSX 10.1 (2001): $0 (if you bought 10.0)
    - OSX 10.2 (2002): $129*
    - OSX 10.3 (2003): $129*
    - OSX 10.4 (2005): $129*
    - OSX 10.5 (2007): $129*
    - OSX 10.6 (exp: 2009): $29
    * Free upgrade only if you had purchased a Mac within 1 month of the release of the new version.
    - Total: $674



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