Published on May 29th,2009 at 4:35 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

World Leading Company Toshiba Doing Nothing About CO2 Emission Reduction?

You know how much we love Toshiba and their PR Team in Japan (who did ther best to avoid us). Today we would like to thank them by publishing this very interesting post from where Greenpeace gives them a stunning 2/100 points concerning emisson reduction…

Dear Atsutoshi Nishida, it’s time to do something and start to returning Toshiba to its past glory…

That said, this leading company seems to be IBM, but don’t get too excited, they only scored 29/100 points on Greenpeace’s assessment.

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  • Steven

    Shame on you, Toshiba!

  • guyonweb

    A private company except for those who’s dealing require so, are not required to be political or anything ending in “ist”. Their sole purpose is to provide some product or service to its consumers. shame still reduced emissions and renewable energy is something they should consider. long term investments on self preservation, in an economy that is not looking too well is definitely a good idea. It may be a big investment initially, but when funds are low being independent of paying a light bill or purchase tonnes of fuel to run factories or power plants is definitely an ideal situation.

  • gzllla

    No wonder, I never had any positive experiences in regards to Toshiba. They neither have the environment nor the consumer in mind. I boycott them and even get a bad feeling stepping into a Toshiba elevator.
    They should take a hint from others such as Sanyo, which faced a dire financial situation, but still focused on green efforts such as their eneloop product line. Consequently their brand image improved, which was surely an influencing factor in being an attractive target for the Panasonic merger.

  • Optigrab

    I think people should be at least a little skeptical of Greenpeace. From TFA:”By focussing [sic] on nuclear reactors Toshiba is blocking real solutions to climate change.” Nuclear power is a zero emission technology that is available NOW to replace coal, and Greenpeace has counted this *against* Toshiba? Greenpeace Founder Dr. Patrick Moore is pro-nuclear now. Worse, it appears the entire assessment is prepared based on a review of PR materials provided by the company, not an actual understanding of the company’s operations. Check it out: “good website statement but…” “it is unclear what role Toshiba plays…” “[The] Information provided focused only on…” Fail.

  • vasra


    1. Nuclear is not zero emíssion. No fuel based (as opposed to flux based) energy source is. You know this as well as an nuclear engineer as I know it as a nuclear physicist.

    2. Focussing is proper British English spelling of ‘focusing’ (cf America). Not everybody is American.

    3. All 3rd party assessment has to be on the basis of the information what the companies provide. Greenpeace contacts the companies, if they don’t provide the information, then it’s down to PR material.

    4. I’m for nuclear. We need more of it. Lot’s more, but it ain’t gonna solve our liquid fuel transportation infrastructure issues, nor *alone* fix global warming related issues. We need much more.

  • didi

    No wonder, I never had any positive experiences in regards to Toshiba. They neither have the environment nor the consumer in mind.



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