Published on May 17th,2009 at 9:02 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukudajima

Let’s Visit Tokyo - Tsukudajima

Here’s another nice little place in Tokyo, Tsukudajima, a “fishing village” stuck in middle of Tokyo surrounded by huge skyscrapers and only 15 minutes away from Tokyo Station.

Visiting Tsukudajima is really something magical, one moment you’re walking around small and narrow fishing village streets, then you’re in the middle of a forest of huge skyscrapers before finally arriving at the bank of Tokyo’s largest river.

If you happen to visit Tokyo make sure to spend few hours here. Day or night, Tsukudajima is really worth your time.

Note: Some complained that last weeks video was too short, well this time it’s six minutes long, hope you enjoy it. It was shot with the Panasonic GH1 without any post production work or tweaks on the final image… An impressive camera for your video needs

Let’s Visit Tokyo Video 5 Tsukudajima, HDTV

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  • distractor

    Thanks for another great video Daimaou. The time you put into this is appreciated. Keep the camera rolling…

  • Chris

    Daimaou I don’t know how I should thank you for this. It’s even longer ^-^ sugoi desu

  • tokyojerry

    Frankly speaking, I don’t see what this visit Tokyo sequence of articles has anything to do with Akihabara and Akihabara-related news. I think this series getting way off target from what should be the original intended meaning of your domain, namely, news from Akihabara. These articles only take us on walking journeys of back streets of Tokyo, unrelated to Akihabara and it’s goods. You might then want to start a new domain like or something similar.

  • Daimaou

    I don’t know how to reply to this comment, clearly its seems that you are pretty selfish, many people visiting Akihabara News never put foot in Japan, and not only likes gadgets but Japan and its culture, so why would I not give them a bit of Japan and Asia each week ends? U cannot imagine how many emails I am receiving from people telling me that they like this breaks each week ends.
    It seems that you forget how it is, I mean you are in Japan so yep for you no interest there, but just stop being selfish for a minute and let other enjoy what you are seeing everyday when you open your condo/house door… Be grateful to be in this country and share with other.

    But you are also correct, a Dedicated website for these video will be launch before this summer, however this does not mean that I won’t continue to post these video here.

  • Guyzhing

    I have been to Japan several times and will be going many more times and maybe even retire there one day. If you don’t like this series, just ignore it. I for one really enjoy this series and hope it continues indefinitely.

    Thank you for keeping your website diverse and interesting.

    Also, I think it’s great that you have the confidence to use English so that people who do not understand Japanese can more easily learn about your great country. I have had experiences where Japanese would not even attempt to speak to me in English, because they were embarrassed about not being able to speak it perfectly. All I know is, your English is much better than my Japanese.

    Keep up the great work and keep these videos coming!

  • Mattius

    @tokyojerry (or is that tokyoJERK?)

    FFS if you don`t like something f#*k off. The world doesn`t need to hear/see your useless opinion.

    I love the vids.
    Akiba.News is about all things Japanese d*psh*t.

    I especially liked the Ueno footage. It`s my second home.

    Keep up the good work A.N.


  • Bogdan

    What camcorder do you use for those videos?
    Because the quality of the image is astonishing.
    And with what software do you edit?

  • Daimaou

    Bogdan > The name of the camera is written just before the video

  • Bogdan

    How stupid I am.. I didn’t saw…Tks.
    Great camera…
    I tested a TZ7 and the videos were great too.
    But GH1 is at another level.

  • RockerT

    I think a photo essay would be better.. given that there is no commentary, interviews, etc. Its basically a series of shots.. which are nice.. but, its a 500+ MB download in 720p.

  • JoeRikas

    Keep up the good work Daimaou.
    I 4myself can only support this kind of an offer to dive into daily life of an foreign country possible tru this kind of short vids, especially when its Tokio.
    I`ve also been there several times and yes u can call me japan’o'phile.

    My dream has laways been to offer an open window view (Live stream) from mega cities.
    there`re so many places,niches,lanes, alleys just every corner brings up a new motiv-same with Manhattan.
    Not like the static cam vids u get from certain pages from top of a building etc.

  • Deskbound

    Cool video, watching that was like taking a 6 minute sight-seeing holiday.
    Thanks, and keep making them!

  • tinou81

    Great video! Although I live in japan and not too far from the place you shot on the video, I enjoyed watching it.. I think you should keep making these.

  • Bean

    nice video – I realy do need to save up some money to visit japan again
    your new video hosting place is great – once again a steady 4.6MB/s download rate

  • Moby

    Really like those short clips about Tokyo (the old and the new).
    Keep it going. PLS!

  • Adrian

    Really loving this video series, really hope you do more.

    Its great to get a view of tokyo and Japan that isn’t that standard tourist shot.



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