Published on May 10th,2009 at 10:36 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Naka-Meguro

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Naka-Meguro

Here’s our fourth edition of “Let’s Visit Tokyo” and today we’ll visit a popular area close to Shibuya, Naka-Meguro.
As you can see Naka-Meguro isn’t a fancy place, but rather a popular area where average citizens live. A little messy, dirty some times, Naka-Meguro is a place full of surprises, hiding at its core is a wonderful river with thousands of cherry trees planted on both sides that turns the place into a little heaven during cherry blossom season. A real mind blowing (blooming?!?!?) experience.

Along the river you can find many small shops, bars, and restaurants full of trendy, young Japanese. Places where friends meet to have a good time.

It’s very difficult to mark all points of interest on the Google Map, there are SO many, so just look around.

Finally, today we are testing video distribution thanks to our generous CDN partner, and this will normally help you in some areas get amazing download speeds. Florent PORTA, the genius behind each NihonCar and ManualGear video, and the designer of the future Akihabara News (if we succeed in launching this century), told us that he downloaded this video at over 2MB/s.

Try it yourself and tell us what you think.

Let’s Visit Tokyo Video 4 Naka-Meguro, HDTV
(DivXHD 720p Direct Download “Right click, Save as…”)

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  • Dinamutan

    “As you will see Naka-Meguro is not really a fancy place, but rather a popular area where the average citizen is leaving.”

    No offence man, but how long have you been living in Tokyo?
    Naka-Meguro not fancy?…

  • Daimaou

    this is purely a question of Taste and if you make abstraction of the river aera Naka Megoru is not Fancy. I am leaving since 7 years in Jiyugaoka and while many agree that Jiyugaoka is a “Fancy” place, I have here to somehow disagree too. I personnaly prefere Daikan-Yama which if for me fancy.

  • BrianB

    So why not take a video during Cherry Blossom season?

  • bactisme

    In may with sakura :

    Naka-Meguro is also famous for bike shops, and yes, quite facy

  • Daimaou

    BrianB > Coz it was raining like hell, when I was available to shoot there

  • Jkell

    Seems pretty “dirty” to me for an “fancy” location

  • Bogdan


    These images from Tokio are very nice. I am anxious to see them every week because I don’t have the possibility to visit Tokio by myself, is too far. I am a big fan of your site. I have my own blog about gadgets and stuff here in Romania.

    Keep going!
    A big fan from Romania.

  • gb

    You guys need to overlay music or something on to your videos. Check out how this guy used a famous line in Bladerunner in his video of Shibuya…. those umbrellas, my god, it makes me want to watch Bladerunner all over again.

  • Daimaou

    GB> you don’t get the point of these video, they are in NO WAY intended to be seen as an art work, the goal is to give UNTOUCH footage and RAW experience, like if you were in the area with your 2 own eyes. Adding music on top will destroy everything, you will not hear the noise surrounding us, the people around you. Once again this is not intended to be a piece of art, but yo give you a RAW experience.

    Now this said, either the guy on your Youtube link has never touch a camera in is life either the GH1 is fucking crappy… luckily I will get one tomorrow to test

  • awe_cz

    Thanks for another great video. If I may request one thing – please, do not add any overlay music. I like the videos as they are, with natural sounds of birds, rain, people walking, chatting…

  • ryt2112

    Thank you so much for this nice series of short films. Of all the place my travels have taken me, Tokyo has always been my absolute favorite. Although watching these makes me miss being there very much, they also make me look forward to going back!
    Thank you again.

  • Leif

    Thanks for these videos. I prefer them raw because it’s what I would see if I was there. Thanks again

  • albundyhere

    you all think this is dirty? come visit New York City! Its the dirtiest place on earth. The air, water, and streets are always dirty. Tokyo is amazingly clean considering the amount of people there. Very nice! Need more videos please!

  • Chris

    thank you again for such a beautiful video. I would have loved to see a video during the cherry blossom season.

    The new distribution systems works really well I am getting over 1.8 mb/s here in Switzerland and that is quite a distance from japan

  • japannewstoday

    Naka Meguro is a nice area. I think it’s one of the more expensive places to live as the rents clear $1000 a months for a small place. It’s also right next to Ebisu a popular tourist destination.

  • guy

    This video is obviously showing the bad parts of Naka-meguro, unless the whole place has derelict houses bin bags everywhere…..

  • JamesT

    japannewstoday > Not really, Think Denenchofu, Shirogane, Jiyugaoka and Daikanyama (in close proximity) they are WAY more expensive than Nakameguro

  • Kuro0430

    Thanks for the video…looks like any other area of Tokyo…albeit there are some areas that are nicer such as Jiyuugaoka.

    BTW, what did you use to shoot this video?

    I wish I could go back and live in Japan again. Only if it wasn’t for the humid summers…and the random stabbings and acid throwings.

  • Bean

    nice – 4.9MB/s :D

  • Nomax

    I find Jiyugaoka real “cute” – like Berlin, but without all the ugly things…

  • LG

    Amazing, I was there for the first time just two days ago…

  • Kojiro

    Can we put a specific tag on the “Let’s Visit Tokyo” posts? So they are easy to find if you miss one, or want to show one to somebody. Like “LVT” or something. I really enjoy these, it reminds me of being there.

  • fuchikoma

    Thanks for the clips, I love stuff like this.

    I also prefer the vids without music – too many Youtube vids are spoiled with musical tracks now. I like hearing the natural environment.

    I also noticed some pedestrian signals playing “touryanse”, I’d heard that they were kind of hard to find in urban areas. Still, it’s another thing that’s distictly Japanese and very memorable.

  • tinou81

    I’ve been living in Koto-ku for like almost 3 years, not too far from Akiba, but not as nice as Naka-Meguro or Jiyugaoka to live in. The good side is, I pay 800$ for a 55 sqm-sized, quite modern mansion-type apartment. Shitamachi is not too bad though, with Mister Donuts, tsutaya and conbinis never too far.

    I also lived 1 year in Yokohama and another year in Sapporo, both were way nicer than Tokyo (and also cheaper).



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