Published on April 21st,2009 at 9:08 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Hitachi Lied About Their Eco Appliances… Really?

It seems that Hitachi is a big fat lying company after all, well at least concerning some of their Eco friendly fridges that are apparently no way near being “Eco.”

The Japanese Newspaper Yomiuri reported earlier today that many of Hitachi’s fridges that were claimed to be the most advanced Eco wise by reducing CO2 emissions up to 48% during the production process, weren’t.

On top of that, the Yomiuri reported that both the “Eiyo Ikiiki Shinku Chirudo V” and “Big & Slim 60″ series, nine fridges in total, claimed to have been built with recycled material… Were in fact built with standard material, only three were built with 50% recycle material.

To make things worse, and after being caught lying, Hitachi announced they have no intention of compensating or refunding the 150,000 owners of these fridges in Japan…

Via Yomiuri
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  • Marcel1

    PLEASE, work on your grammar…

    most advance Eco process
    most advanced Eco process

    CO2 emission during the production process was just big fat lies.
    CO2 emissions during the production process was just big fat lie.

    hanks to recycle material
    hanks to recycled material

    owners of these fridge in Japan…
    owners of these fridges in Japan…

  • Daimaou

    Marcel1> My apologizes for these mistakes but has you may have noticed we are not native English speakers and Word does not always do a good job in fixing these grammar problems… Now if you want to help us, like you did (thanks by the way) and want to proofread our works, please contact me



  • KaosEmpire

    I Love Akihabara News.

  • Cheksa

    All companies are trying to jump in the sustainable/eco friendly train and I’m sure Hitachi’s case is just the first of a long series.

    Just by watching ads on TV it feels that 2009 is the year of the magic wand that turns all the polluting companies into sustainable green businesses.

    WOW! Thanks to you “Magic Wand 2009″ :/

  • theGrammarKing

    Who cares about the grammar?! Not a native speaker. I am happy he is not writing in French or Spanish.

    Most of those “green”-labeled products are a lie. Pretty shameless ones often.

  • Gill

    @ Cheksa and all interested in the “Green Revolution”

    You know, all this bla bla about going green, recycling (which don’t get me wrong, I’m ALLLLLLL for it). But you know what I cant find on the internet?!
    A comparison of Domestic Recycling VS Industrial, Domestic Carbon Emissions VS Industrial Emissions and etc… There are no records on how companies are doing compared to the domestic Market! I understand and agree that all of us MUST contribute to save the planet, but companies are putting most of the burden on US consumers! We have to buy Priuses (or Clarity who lives in CA_USA) to alleviate their emissions?! I wanna be responsible for my carbon footprint only and not for any company! I think a real debate about this should be opened on the internet to open consumers eyes and DEMAND from companies to give reports (with details, because saying somethings like Hitachi said is too vague).
    Ow before I forget, I’m also not English speaker native for forgive-me any mistakes!

  • kuyache

    i am also not fluent in english but i thank daimaou for bring news in engrish. i have come to accept how japanese speak their engrish for i am also not that well versed. for me its easier to understand his engrish than japanese.

    and i hate companies that fakes their eco intention. and i also hate intel with their expensive eco friendly version version of core cpu which are 100 dollar more expensive.



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