Published on April 11th,2009 at 10:43 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Invisible Shield… You’d Better Not be Human

Seen by many as the ultimate gadget protection tool, the Invisible Shield is on the paper the Holly Grail of protection, and I was quite excited to get mine to give my iPhone a second skin…

Now I’ve been warned, you really need to moisturize your hands their “Shield Spray” if you don’t want to screw things up… What I did, I even watched some YouTube videos and well, two things come to mind when I began installing the Invisible Shiled

1) I really must be stupid and I should try installing it with my feet, I may get a better result.
2) Folks over at Invisible Shield are not human, mutants maybe, but not human

Bottom line, if you want install it, make sure you’re up to the task or order at LEAST a dozen, cuz you may have to repeat the operation several times if you desire a PERFECT result… And once you’ve succeed, or should I say IF you succeed to install it neatly, you’d better like the “I stuck my iPhone in a condom” look otherwise you’re screwed! Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind the Invisible Shield is nice, but the overall cello wrap’s appearance, added to the installation difficulty makes this product way less attractive.

30% Yes
25% Alien
45% Mutant

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  • JJ

    Yeah, you need to constantly spray your iPhone and fingers. Don’t save the spray, the more you use the easier you can correct mistakes and minimize finger prints. Also, pull the shield completely off the sheet before peeling off the paper backing.

    I got mine on pretty good the first time but had to use their lifetime replacement warranty because it started peeling after 2 months. Try again, it is possible to get it perfect!

  • wulf

    is it possible to get a pic of a “perfectly attached” one?

  • JapanLover

    Ok Daimaou… tell me you ARE NOT going around with such an iPhone…

  • Daimaou

    I removed the shield, and I am running naked now…

  • Moby

    Who wants to be a human, anyway?

  • cs

    I tried their products before, and they are definitely hard to apply properly. The film has a wavy look so it’s nowhere near ‘invisible’. I originally put it on my Canon 40D screen and I hated the look immediately.

    Like Daimaou, I just ripped if back off and tossed it after only a day or so….

  • WizKid

    Bought one of these. Incredibly annoying to install. I too watched Youtube and read instructions. Looked awful and threw it out. Got an Iskin instead and love it.

  • gb

    Just buy a screen protector from Martin Fields.

  • hmm

    I have Bodyguardz…the other competing protection film company.

    I admit it is hard to apply, but it is definitely doable. It’s by far the best protective means if you’re not into bulky cases that nullifies the whole point of having a beautiful phone.

    After months of use people still barely notice I have anything on my phone.

    Btw, there’s no need to apply the film on the touch screen. The touch screen is built to last, therefore it is super durable and resistant to scratches.

  • Yorch

    I have become kind of an expert with these, I have installed 3 so far and become better and better, couple of advices.
    1. do it in the bathroom, and like 5 min before, run hot water with the close doors, so any specks floating in the air are trapped by the vapor.
    2. PATIENCE!!!!, do every step and take a moment to make each one, specially the ones for the curved corners of the phone, you have to use the curved hand technique.
    One thing that I do love about the intellishield company is their lifetime warranty they are good and they send you a new one once the old one peels off. Currently I am in my 3rd one. good luck!!!

  • Daimaou

    I will try again later but it seems that I am not the only one who suffer with this…

  • HK

    The company changed the material to save costs. It is designed to be installed by a retailer (i.e. cheap on material for whilesale price), it has life time warranty if u get it doen at the shop.

    Try use wide clear tape to completely take the dust away before installation.

  • CurveBean

    yes! it took almost 2years to become a mutant. when there is roughly 2-3 months left to use my original iphone, i finally put the shield right! I think i had changed the shield every 4 months also.

  • booest

    I let the pros do it. i rather pay the perosn to so it for me. Not that I do not like to DIY but I know some times are just not my kind or ramen 😀

  • SSAG2

    I used the sheild for a few months. My wife’s iPhone looked so smooth and bright, I ended up taking it off. My biggest complaint is that the finish isn’t smooth, it’s got kind of a hammered dimple surface. I don’t like that, I wish it were as smooth as the glass it covers.

  • smacky63

    Wow. Invisible shield is all I use, I have “skinned” 6 of my devices and only had to replace a shield once and I received the replacement quick. Hardly do I have a “steady” hand so I’m surprised at the large group of ppl too retarded to put it on properly.



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