Published on April 10th,2009 at 2:41 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Why Microsoft Windows Mobile Upgrades Suck

And why I prefer my Apple iPhone… Recently HTC announced a ROM upgrade for the HTC Touch HD. Today I tried upgrading my little device… while the process went smoothly, the result as you can see below was quite the opposite…

ROM after ROM, OS build after OS build, I’m impressed with Microsoft’s lack of major improvement. Seriously they’re not new in the PDA and mobile phone business, how hard can it be to release a rock SOLID and NON destructive ROM upgrade for all WiMo devices (including HTC and other manufacturers for their lack of support and ROM upgrades).

To give you an example, I contacted Apple to change my iPhone, not for any glitches or major problems, but because a little white dust got stuck under my screen. I could live with it, I mean it was there for several months and only visible when turned off… Anyway I called Apple, the next day they delivered a new iPhone in a gorgeous package… Put my sim back, resorted ALL my DATA, software and settings with a single synch with iTunes and once done upgraded to the latest ROM upgrade without loosing a SINGLE email, contact, or software data…

Granted the iPhone sucks in some areas, you can’t install anything you want on it, granted we’re talking about a SINGLE platform and an OS made ONLY for this platform… but Microsoft, HTC, and others, when will we get some SERIOUS devices to play with that use Windows Mobile 7? Hell yeah maybe, but will there be anyone left to purchase a device from you guys before then?

PS: No HardSPL on this Touch HD 100% pure stock!

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Why Microsoft Windows Mobile Upgrades SuckWhy Microsoft Windows Mobile Upgrades SuckWhy Microsoft Windows Mobile Upgrades SuckWhy Microsoft Windows Mobile Upgrades Suck
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  • hiro

    This article would benefit tremendously from a proof-read. :/

  • Daimaou

    The proof reader is late, meanwhile do not hesitate to drop us an email with your corrections

  • lestat

    isn’t this a htc issue not a m$ issue? m$ don’t make the roms htc did in this case.

  • jojo

    No proof read needed, the article helps to convey the anger of a user stuck with yet another sloppy MS release on another crappy HTC device. I did roll out HTC devices to all my users, but have recently switched to iphones & the Nokia E71, support calls are almost zero.

  • Daimaou

    lestat> Both are responsible, this is clear, but this is after all a MS Os not an HTC one…

  • BerryCherry

    What was said about the proof-read was true. However, as the other guy said, the purpose of the text. Angry user which has gone tired of the problems caused by m$ and HTC.

    Well, anyway, lucky me, left M$ for Nokia. I love my choices. Big time.

  • Sakul

    go to xda developers, download a good cooked rom, stop whining

  • Tresu

    You shouldn’t have to download a cooked rom for any device, let alone something as finicky and mission critical as a mobile phone. I don’t understand why Microsoft keep sucking so hard with Windows Mobile, surely it can’t be that hard to put something semi-decent out?

    Oh well, the more marketshare they lose to Apple, the more money Apple gets and the more cool hardware I get. Please Microsoft, keep sucking.

  • Daimaou

    Sakul > I am used to install Cook Rom, however, they tend to put too much crap on their rom too… and some are very unstable…

  • Moby

    Sad but true, the only way to have a proper WiMo Device is to install a cooked ROM from xda-developers.

    At least some ppl on the world care for WiMo.

  • Joshua

    Why don’t you sell the phone on eBay to rid of your frustration? Let someone who is more capable and knowledgeable to have such nice device.

  • Moby

    Wrong, Sir!

  • Daimaou

    Joshua> I am not reselling Press Product offered to me by HTC, I keep them… I finally reverted to a previous ROM and use my Touch HD alongside my iPhone

  • Mikael

    the pics you show are of the device before the rom is finished loading. Do you have any pics after everything is said and done? Don’t the HTC devices that use enhanced graphics need certain drivers to work correctly that aren’t included with the base winmo install? I would think it’s just like installing an OS on a desktop with a video card windows wouldn’t have drivers for. It’s not really microsoft’s fault so much as it’s HTC’s fault. MS doesn’t customize the roms. They give HTC the rom and HTC customizes the roms for their devices.



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