Published on April 8th,2009 at 11:47 AM
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AspireRevo, Acer’s first Nvidia Ion-Based Nettop

Finally someone made it, the first nettop (Atom powered desktop) powered by Nvidia’s extremely promising Ion-Platform that supports full HD Video quality and Blu-ray video quality on an Atom based device.

The AspireRevo is also not your average Atom. As it’s powered by an Atom 230, it can take up to 4GB of RAM, 250GB of HDD, a 4 in 1 card reader, HDMI and VGA out, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0… The ideal little desktop that I’d love to plug under each TV at home.

SANTA CLARA, CA-APRIL 7, 2009-NVIDIA and Acer reshaped the PC landscape today by setting a new standard for small PCs with the introduction of the world’s first NVIDIA® ION™ -based PC, the Acer AspireRevo.

No larger than a typical hardcover book, the AspireRevo is a fully capable desktop with advanced graphics and impressive multimedia features. Equipped with NVIDIA ION graphics, the system can handle a wide variety of computing needs including high definition video, gaming, sharing digital photos, surfing the web, and other tasks consumers expect from full-size systems.

The AspireRevo represents a sharp break from 20 years of big, power hungry, and expensive PCs by delivering a full PC experience in a small, energy efficient, and affordable system. NVIDIA ION graphics make this possible with performance that is 5-10 times faster than traditional PCs with integrated graphics.

“The AspireRevo is small and quiet enough to go anywhere, yet big enough to handle all the needs of your digital lifestyle,” said Gianpiero Morbello, corporate vice president of marketing for Acer. “It’s perfectly suited for the living room, because NVIDIA ION provides a brilliant graphics experience with digital photos, watching video, and playing family-friendly games.”

“The Acer AspireRevo with our new NVIDIA ION GPU is so small and powerful it’s unbelievable,” said Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. “Watch Blu-ray movies1 and HD movie trailers, or clean up jerky, dim cell phone videos for internet streaming. This is the perfect PC for today’s consumers.”

The NVIDIA ION graphics processor in the AspireRevo supports:

• Windows Vista Home Premium
• Outstanding 1080p HD video with true-fidelity 7.1 audio
• Popular games including Spore, Call of Duty 4, and Sim City 5
• DirectX 10 graphics with advanced digital display connectivity
• Accelerated video enhancement and transcoding using NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology

About NVIDIA ION graphics processors
NVIDIA ION graphics processors turn up the visuals on small PCs with up to 10X faster graphics performance than similar systems. ION graphics processors provide support for premium Windows Vista features, outstanding media capabilities including 1080p high definition video and Blu-ray movies, and support for popular PC games.

1 Requires an external Blu-ray movie player.

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AspireRevo, Acer’s first Nvidia Ion-Based NettopAspireRevo, Acer’s first Nvidia Ion-Based NettopAspireRevo, Acer’s first Nvidia Ion-Based Nettop
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  • milomix

    When will it be on sale in Japan ???

  • kuyache

    meh makers will always never make a complete product.
    since this is no netbook they should have used Atom 330 (dual coreht , 4 threads/cpu).

    i also want a fujitsu biblo loox umpc that has ion, and smaller bezel.

  • naomune

    did anyone here something about the price

  • LZIM

    Why does that press release name Sim City 5?



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