Published on April 1st,2009 at 6:58 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

What a 50,000 Yen ($510USD) a Month Flat in Central Tokyo Look Like

Kei is looking for a new flat in Tokyo, one closer to our office. Today he took an hour off to go and check one in central Tokyo (5 minutes away from Tokyo’s main train station, the heart of Tokyo)… When the agency contacted him he knew it was only 6m2. Everything was almost new, clean with air conditioning, etc…But to his astonishment he didn’t realize how friggen small it was… You can’t EVEN sleep in the “main room,” you’d have to sleep in the doorway or simply stand-up…

To make things worst, the toilets’ in the shower… you could take a dump while showering… I haven’t see this since my time in China and Hong Kong and was not expecting this in Japan… A prison jail in Japan is 2 to 3 times bigger!

PS: This is NO April Fool’s gag…

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What a 50,000 Yen ($510USD) a Month Flat in Central Tokyo Look LikeWhat a 50,000 Yen ($510USD) a Month Flat in Central Tokyo Look Like
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  • Alkit

    that’s the question i asked my san san in last night’s japanese lesson. just cant believe it is “that” tiny (not even small).

  • Zatsugami

    I live in a flat and my room is bigger than this. Even my bathroom looks bigger that this.
    I would better buy a tent.

  • Rocketboy

    Come on, only $510 a month? In my little crappy town in the US, unless I wanted to live in a crack house, I wouldn’t be able to find anything for only $510 a month.

    Of course, the toilet wouldn’t be in the shower either.

    This looks more like a ‘decompression’ / too late to go home room for overworked tokyoites.

  • JapanLover

    50000 for a flat is a fool’s dream (no pun intended ^_^).
    Right now I am in a guest house and, apart from the fact the toilet is shared my room is bigger than that “apartment”… ROTFL. BTW I pay 75000 and it is a room… while it is true taht for 75K yens you can rent a flat (come here in Nakano Sakaue and you’ll find easily) you have to have a guarantor, shikikin, reikin… a lot of money. Should I foind a job here for sure I’ll go with one of those but ’till that time I’ll keep up with guesthouses

  • Rocketboy

    Oh, and if this a AFD post, well played.

  • Kei

    @JapanLover, Thanks for advices! Actually I’m also looking for guesthouse (OAK House), but, if I could, a prefer live alone… Just, I think people could became crazy living with me… I use to back home really late.. Anyway, if I don’t have the choice I will choose Guest House Solution!


  • JapanLover

    ROTFL.. you know what? I am just living in an OakHouse GH (I didn’t mentioned earlier since I didn’t know I could here).

    BTW… THIS GH is a little bit old (but they warned me), as for the others… AFAIK you can check the house before.
    I am used to live on my own too (since I was 19,… ant I’m 34 now) but for this short time I am trying to find a job it is ok, and I must tell it’s not that hard.

    If you want to check.. just let me know we can meet and you can check here for yourself

  • misq

    hm if Kei is a dwarf.. why not . only 500$ for a palace

  • JosephStalin

    There’s nothing quite like shittin’ in the shower.

  • 12345

    what a great article!
    love it!

  • Dog

    If I had a dog, his house would be 10x bigger !

  • lolo

    Tokyo station is one of the more expensive place in Tokyo.

    My flat is 36m2 and it’s only 130000 = 2.6 * 50000

    But 6,2m2 * 2.6 = 16,12m2 != 36m2

  • gb

    Man, my bathroom is bigger than that living room.

  • fuzzy

    I’m guessing this is mostly for business people who work in Tokyo and then go home to family on the weekends somewhere in the suburbs, or elsewhere. This is just a place to sleep and hang up your suits for the week.

    But $500 for a place in Tokyo is really cheap. To be honest, I’m not surprised. At least it looks clean.

  • 30frames

    I’d take it. I’d even sleep sitting up.

  • Alex2000

    Location Location Location.

    In the end It depends on your lifestyle.

    If you just want a very convenient, inexpensive, clean and private place to sleep, take it. It is good enough for one person (I assume you are not married).

  • Kirata

    What a deal! Go for it, Kei!!!

  • Gerard

    Economy class bathroom and emergency exit seat.

  • Edo

    There are lots of ads on this site

  • Ramaja

    I guess it could be fun immagining to live on a spaceship crew cabin! ^_^
    I’d put some port-hole fake windows with stars and may be an earth in orbit shot to revive the whole appartament.
    Ah high tech Amaca for bedtime would also come handy! hahahah

  • Q

    Where did you see a flat like that small in Hong Kong? I really would like to know.

  • Wamman1

    Dude…that’s not for anyone to stay in it’s a sex pad!

  • fz22gq

    This confirms i’m doing the right thing by paying considerably more than that …. that’s fair dinkum terrible!!!

  • AceHardcastle

    It’s a $500 studio apartment in the center of Tokyo. $500. It costs more to park your car for a month in Manhattan. I wish all cities had clean, safe housing like that. I’d much rather spend a month there than pay $100 a night for a cheap hotel. Tokyo is your living room.

  • Asd

    lets say you manage to plug in a computer in there, which can double as a tv, you dont need anything else, but where is the space for the bed after that lol, do you sleep in the shower? i could live there but sleeping would be extremely uncomfortable seeing I’d have to use a futon in the floor and i couldnt move around or i’d hit a wall or the kitchen corner

  • Luv2befree27

    I am paying over $1,500.00/month in Tokyo for a room of that size.
    Clean, safe and friendly people with honors.

    In USA, most black dues have free electricity, water, room & boarding and 3 meals/day- which amount to over $65,000.00/years from the tax payers.

    You won’t find a lot of Japaneses & Jewish in USA’s prison. 
    Usually Pride, Honor & Respect come from good roots.

    Come & walk the streets in Japan. They are very safe, even crossing the streets.

    March 2011, we shared even if we have little to a stranger.
    We didn’t looted & raped people from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA 

    • europhobic

      Plenty of Jews in American prisons, white collar crimes typically.

    • Larry Harris

      Japanese are hypocrites and closeted perves. My sister was raped by a gang of Jap thugs and they got away with it, so please, stop acting like you are better! I know many black people who are honorable and have respect!



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