Published on March 23rd,2009 at 4:23 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Sanwa’s New Throat Microphone… for the Tactical Assault Guy in Everyone

Used mainly by tactical assault groups and SWAT teams, throat microphones are something you rarely see on the street. This will change now with Sanwa’s latest hands free system, a Japanese phone design based on a military throat microphone.

It might not be used all the time, but if you work in a noisy environment it could greatly improve a phone conversation.

Via Sanwa
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  •,com/ SimonMackay

    This “throat microphone” design could be used as part of a “component headset” design where you can connect a microphone to a pair of specially-designed headphones which have the classic headband or a “street-style” neckband to turn them in to a headset.
    The headphones could be a wired design wiht a four-conductor headset plug that fits most current-issue mobile phones or could be a Bluetooth type that works on the Headset or Handsfree profiles with support for A2DP music streaming. They would be able to support a detachable boom microphone or a clip-on lapel microphone as well as this tactical-style “throat” microphone by the user connecting the microphone to the headphones. As well, there would be controls on the headphones themselves or on the cord (in the case of a wired design) to allow the user to manage the calls they make or take for example.

  • Rick

    First thing I thought of … this would be great for those on XBOX Live or PSN Home who already have a great set of headphones but no microphone (for xbox users, you can get an adapter to connect the mic to the controller). How much???

  • Hellen

    Excelente equipo es de esperarse novedades en el micrófono con diadema invisible, y micrófonos pequeños

  • Kalin

    So, where did this news come form??

    I cannot find anything like this on Sanwa’s site (…

    Any link, product name, etc?

  • ABC
  • Mo

    This is awesome,… First use I would have it for going on my Motorcycle,… earpiece can fit within Helmet,… Push to talk technology can really come in handy for those long road trips. Second,… night clubing and crowded environments (i.e. Subway rush hour) How often have you had to leave a building just so you wont be yelling into your phone like an idiot. Problem solved. You might look a little goofy, but I can foresee the return of the Dickie if they put this product out.

  • Edetera

    This may sound dumb….I ride a motorcycle alot and am interested in a throat mic. Plugging it into my cell phone will allow me to hear, but how can the throat mic work? I gather that it plugs into the earphone jack on the phone so how does the talking work? Also, do any throat mics work on a blue tooth format?

  • David

    Hello CAN anybody tell me where i CAN bye this item ? Swat torak microphone . Is it compatible with iPhone ? Tks



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