Published on February 9th,2009 at 3:47 PM
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Samsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official Announcement

Samsung just sent us an email with the latest information on their S8300 Ultra Touch mobile phone. This 3G wonder (HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE/GPRS), features a 2.8” WQVGA AMOLED screen touch screen, a 8Mpix camera module with LED flash with AF, face detection, smile detection and GeoTagging, supports DviX, XviD, H.263, H.264, WMV9 and MPEG4 video plus 30fps VGA video recording mode, FM radio with RDS, an audio player compatible with MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA files, Bluetooth A2DP, a A-GPS module and 80MB of internal memory with upgrade of microSDHC slots up to 16GB…. All of little wonders wrapped in a package of 110×51.5×12.7mm.

Pity this phone doesn’t come with Android or WiMo 6.5…

Here’s a question for you… Personally I won’t by a phone sold without a widely known OS like Android, WiMo, or Apple… What about you? (I don’t include Symbian, I don’t consider it a fully capable feature equivalent to the OS previously cited)… Poll below above the gallery!

Seoul, Korea, February 9, 2009 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the launch of the elegant “UltraTOUCH”, the perfectly beautiful and fully equipped full-touch slider phone. This debut comes ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Samsung will deliver its new vision for full-touch mobiles at the forefront of style and design. As with previous Ultra editions, the UltraTOUCH re-defines perfectionism in style, design and technology – now with full touch.

“With its refined contoured design, Samsung UltraTOUCH is our elegant full-touch hero at this year’s Mobile World Congress, proving again that Samsung’s mobile phones are at the forefront of style,” said Mr. JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics. He added, “We are committed to strengthening our portfolio of full-touch phones by introducing a variety of handsets to suit every lifestyle. UltraTOUCH leads this portfolio as our most iconic, high-end phone and will further enhance Samsung’s leadership in the premium full-touch market.”

Ultimate Style
Samsung has long been regarded as the most stylish mobile phone manufacturer. As the newest flagship edition to the Ultra range (Samsung’s leading style brand), UltraTOUCH is a truly beautiful full-touch mobile, boasting revolutionary touch screen technology, sophisticated design and packed with multimedia features. Centre stage is the 2.8” AMOLED anti-scratch full touch screen, which offers astonishingly bright and vivid colours.

The ultra-slim 12.7mm body of UltraTOUCH unites perfect form and function with full-touch screen and additional 3×4 keypad slider. The subtle arcs and slender contoured silhouette in the design ensure a timeless beauty and the polished ‘silky back’ design means that the phone looks fantastic from every angle. With a brushed metal frame for durability and an anti-scratch, anti-smudge screen, users can keep their phone in great condition.

Ultimate Multimedia
As you would expect from Samsung, the UltraTOUCH is alive with technology. Its embedded 8 megapixel camera with dual power LED flash and smile shot mode means you can capture incredible photographs on your phone. In addition to the industry-leading mobile phone camera, UltraTOUCH offers GPS navigation, providing detailed maps to take users from door to door. Geo-tagging via the GPS chip allows you to tag photos with geographic information, making them easier to use on social networking and photo sites. The high quality 30fps@VGA video recording captures action smoothly, while the groovy music player means that you can listen to sounds as slick as your phone. Samsung UltraTOUCH is also powered with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, offering speedy internet access.

Ultimate User Interface
Samsung UltraTOUCH provides the best ever full-touch user experience and universal 3×4 keypads together. Users will enjoy being able to control the mobile easily and intuitively – flicking through photos, navigating through maps and surfing the web have never been easier and more interactive thanks to the upgraded TouchWiz user interface. Mobile widgets can be dragged and placed on the screen for one-click access to favourite applications, or the slide-out tactile 3×4 keypad offers a tangible alternative behind the attractive touch screen, creating endless customization opportunities to make your phone your own.

72% Yes
28% No

(212 votes)

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Samsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official AnnouncementSamsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official AnnouncementSamsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official AnnouncementSamsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official AnnouncementSamsung Ultra Touch S8300, Official Announcement
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  • Cutkillavince

    Very nice phone ^^

  • VV

    android well known? with only 1 phone currently available? apple well known? only ever made 2 phones? right!

  • yG

    Seriously, there is no perfect OS. I don’t base mine on its OS. I’d rather base it on how useful it is; not if there’s an online store to fill the phone up with useless apps [except for Apple, though]

  • Niels

    I always go for Blackberry.
    At least I have no crashes there.
    I had a WiMo 6.1 device (Treo) which crashed continuously. So I switched back to something I can count on.

  • chjgomez

    Cell phones without wi fi are not worth buying.
    wi fi is your freedom. Just leave the manufacturers with their junks. The market would eventually take care of them.Unless Obama rescues them!!!!

  • MaDence

    I totally disagree with you. Probably, you haven’t tried using a Symbian phone ever since. I personally used Symbian phones from 1st to 3rd Edition and also used Windows Mobile 6 Devices and Apple Iphone. I haven’t tried Android though but both Windows Mobile and Iphone cannot compare to the versatility, adaptability, speed, functionality, capability and reliability of the Symbian OS. Can your Windows Mobile device do simple copy/paste operations between different applications open in the background? Can your Iphone send MMS, forward text messages, send files via Bluetooth to a nearby computer, or copy/paste text? I guess the answer to all of these is NO. Windows Mobile on the other hand is a trademark Microsoft Bloatware, consuming all the resources of your mobile phone and constantly hanging your applications even if there were only few opened programs.

  • PaulieStylz


    I’ve read from several reviews that you CANNOT use the HARDWARE KEYPAD to enter text for messages i.e SMS?

    Is this true??

    Doesn’t make much sense to me to create a phone that has both TOUCH SCREEN and HARDWARE KEYPAD and not be able to enter text from both sources of input.

    I dont like entering text via TOUCH SCREEN, I only like a HARDWARE KEYPAD. Can anyone (who as actually used the phone) please tell me if you CAN enter text when writing a SMS using the HARDWARE KEYPAD or is it only the TOUCH SCREEN or is it both?

    Appreciate your help.

  • SomeoneWhoHasActuallyJuse

    it’s a great phone, you can enter text from both sources of input

  • Ronaldo

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super phone

  • Joee

    Pls HELP!!! I need to set up my email on my S8300. need pop3 and smtp settings. im not that clude up with gadets so pls anyone help me.

  • james heland

    how do i download my photos to my computer

  • james heland

    how do i transfer my photos from my phone to my computer



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