Published on January 23rd,2009 at 10:10 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Sorry for the Downtime, We’re Suffering from a DOS Attack!

Hi everyone, I am sure you’ve seen Akihabara News suffering a lot lately, our a website is extremely slow or impossible to access… Well it seems that ONCE again… we’re victims of a DOS (denial-of-service) attack!

We’re working on blocking these IPs (from Canada and Austria), and trying to shut this down once and for all!

To the hackers… Guys, why us? What did we do to you to deserve this? We’re just simple folks, mainly expats from Europe living in Asia working hard to pay our rent and feed our families. Why don’t you concentrate on more lucrative and challenging targets, or just get a real job???

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  • DDoS

    Just use a GOOD firewall and keep up updated it. You’ll never have this problem again, simple like that!

  • Daimaou

    Well this is not has simple as that, we have quite a good Admin, really good, but it seems that even with our firewall we are still victim to some nasty attack.

  • MM

    To overcome large sophisticated DoS attacks requires reactive programmers, an absorber server grid, and a skilled coordinator. A measly firewall will not protect you from much at all.

  • Donut

    I really don’t think it is competitors or angry vendors that are causing the mischief. It’s probably just some kids that got some beef with ya for a reason nobody knows probably. You’ll have to wait 3 or 4 years til those kiddies can get a job.

  • ketyung

    Is Akihabaranews’ server located in a hosting company ? Most hosting companies shall have good firewall to protect from DOS attack

  • speculatrix

    DoS comes in many forms, and whilst a firewall can prevent (say) a SYN flood and/or block networks completely, a simple DoS which saturates your internet connection cannot be stopped without either buying lots more bandwidth or getting your upstream to filter IPs or rate-limit. Not many ISPs are able to do this effectively.

    Another technique is to have multiple circuits, multi-home your public servers and use DNS to spread the load. However, a coordinated DoS will kill that too. So you need mirrored sites too. And this all gets expensive.

    The best way is to find the people committing the DoS and LART them.

  • DDoS

    If you think firewall cannot do nothing, then you don’t know nothing about firewalls. I’m not talking about those crappy software-based firewalls, I’m talking on REAL firewalls.


    But if you want to go cheap, you can build one with Linux and using

  • noobee

    DoS sucks
    i got that once too from Korean IP address
    suddenly there were lots of Korean IP addresses accessing my site..
    and it became slow



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