Published on July 3rd,2009 at 5:01 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

JTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro Review

Yeah!!!! I just received my 4GB JTT spy camera keychain… So here’s a quick and dirty little review of this bad boy.

Nothing too fancy here but it’s designed in surprisingly good mat black colored plastic… Nope, overall it doesn’t look cheap or half done…

It has four buttons but only two are effective (the two close to the camera) and either turn on your camera and start or stop video recording and picture taking taking pictures.

There is no instruction manual given with the JTT spy camera key chain, but utilization is pretty straightforward. Once you turn on the camera module, you either push one time for pictures, like on a real camera, and push continually on the same button until the little led light stop blinking record video.

As expected both photos and video aren’t amazing, but not bad either. After all we’re talking about a “spy camera” here not a RED Scarlet average monster!

Since video and pictures are worth a thousand words, here’s are some samples for you… But as far as I’m concerned I definitely love this new toy and like to have 4GB of memory always handy and shoot a pictures wherever I am! (please note the strobe light effect of both the photos and video is due to our office neon light and you can’t change this camera’s shutter speed).

Photo and Video Sample (11Mb)

Interested in the JTT Spy Camera Keychain? You can order it from Japan online here thanks to !

UPDATE: This Spy Camera Keychain records video up to 65 minutes at one time, corresponding to 3GB of storage space.

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JTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro ReviewJTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro ReviewJTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro ReviewJTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro ReviewJTT New Spy Camera Keychain: Macro Review
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  • chrissi

    Hi, do you know if geeks4stuff ships this nice gadget to europe?


  • Daimaou

    Yep they do

  • benny

    a small spy camera, easy to bring every where….

  • themark

    Can you shoot some video outdoors to compare? Great stealth look, just like a car remote! Are there any specs re ISO?

  • katya

    Hello,i am katya in DUBACN electronic company.we are manufacturer of psy camera in china. that is car key micro camera,that have camera and DVR functions.if you have your suppliers,please add me as your potential suppliers.Or please help me transfer this information to yor purchase department.i am looking forward to hearing from you soon .
    thanks very much .
    have a nice day
    best wishes

  • kimmie

    unfriendly product for girls…tskkkt tskk..

  • Lasse

    This is a very good little thing but it is a bad thing fore girls. The private life maby will be damage.Thats a shame. Love this site. Peace Love end Happiness.

  • OakmanNZ

    Thats very expensive. There are other sites selling 2gb versions of these for $38USD (3708Y)

  • omejo

    if you want to buy this camera please check this website for low cost

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  • Arrow

    I’ve seen a bunch of computer malls selling these devices. I find it odd that they can’t put a better sensor into the device, as one would definitely fit.

  • Manfred

    Hi! I have just got one of these but the user manual is very poor and I dont know how to connect it to the computer to save the videos. Also I dont know how much time to charge it, etc.!!!

    do you have a better user manual? or can you give me a hand with this please???

    when i connect the usb to my laptop nothing happens. what should i do? thanks!!!

    • roxy

      Hi there,
      I also had a bad manual so i still havent figured out how to upload pics and vids to my comp! So if anyone one can help me with that it would be appreciated?


  • Manfred

    OK now I figured out that the USB cable was defective!!!

    I used another one and worked perfect. It took me a while to understand the poor english written manual but now I´m OK.

  • sweet

    video and pictures are worth a thousand words, here’s are some samples for you

  • powersupply

    4GB JTT spy camera keychain. This Spy Camera is a great portable video and photo recording tool for people!



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