Published on December 30th,2008 at 5:47 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

2008 20 Bestselling DSLRs in Japan

The Japanese Website BCN Ranking has the 20 bestselling DSLRs in Japan for the Year 2008. I’m surprised to see how popular Nikon is, nearing leading rank…

Here’s the full list:

1 Canon EOS Kiss X2 with 19.1% Of Market Share
2 Nikon D60 10.9%
3 Nikon D80 10.6%
4 Nikon D40 9.1%
5 Canon EOS Kiss Digital X 8.4%
6 Canon EOS 40D 6.7%
7 Sony α350 4.2%
8 Nikon D300 3.3%
9 Sony α200 2.6%
10 Nikon D90 2.2%
11 Canon EOS 50D 2%
12 Nikon D40x 1.9%
13 Canon EOS Kiss F 1.8%
14 Sony α300 1.7%
15 Pentax K200D 1.6%
16 Panasonic Lumix G1 1.4%
17 Olympus E-510 1.4%
18 Olympus E-520 1.2%
19 Olympus E-420 1.2%
20 Nikon D700 1%

A few things though… Some of these models are pretty new, like the G1 Lumix, while others are kind of old. It’s interesting to note that Nikon has seven cameras on the list while Canon only has five.

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  • Stellist

    There are some mistyped…

    4 Nikon EOS D40 9.1% -> Nikon D40

    6 Canon 40D 6.7% -> Canon EOS 40D

  • Daimaou

    Thanks, will fix this

  • vferg

    I recently purchased the Olympus E-420 which made it my first DSLR camera. I actually purchased it on my trip to Japan for the summer. Amazing camera but seeing it at 19 makes me think did I really make the best choice? Guess all that matters is that I think its great.

  • saicode

    Twenty best SLRs?!!
    Is there more models currently int he market?!

  • Sushistand

    Not surprising at all. I’ve seen more people shoot Nikon here in Japan for my entire 4 years here.

    Being a photog myself, I only shoot with Nikon (but print with Canon pro printers)

  • Ramaja

    I’m amazed of how many Kiss X2 (EOS 450D) were sold, almost as much as D60 and D40 together.
    Letting aside the extra new models, I think that having a single very good selling camera is more profitable than having several models competing for the same target: from this perspective, Canon users seems more focused on new models then Nikon ones which still spread between D80 D60 and D40.
    On the contrary Sony doesn’t seems to fare very well with it’s cameras, meaning that camera “Brand Perception” is better tied to a long history of quality and know how then on “well known names on general electronic market”.
    It’s also sad to see Pentax tied back at 15 place with a superb product.

  • Janakin

    I was one of those 10.6% that bought a Nikon D80 in Japan this year.

    I don’t want to start any Nikon vs. Canon debate, but coming into the DSLR world with no bias (I owned an Olympus bridge camera before), it seemed clear that the D80 was the only semi-serious (i.e. top LCD display, two thumb wheels) DSLR in the under ¥100,000 price range as of August. The Canon models in the same price range looked like toys in comparison, just like the Nikon D40 and Nikon D60 look like toys compared to the Nikon D80, at least to me.



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