Published on December 30th,2008 at 11:24 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

OT: NASs Are Great, Until You Need to Move Data From Them

Sorry for going OT (Off Topic) again today, but yesterday I bought a Seagate 2 1.5TB HDD at a pretty low price here in Japan, a bit over 11,000 yen (85€ or $121 USD).

One of these HDD will soon be in my HTPC, the other will be used at the office to backup our 2TB NAS that appears to have a dying HDD.

I store a lot of video at home on my NAS, a little over 500GB of stuff for my daughter, my collection of DVDs (that I do OWN !) and so on… and last night I moved this 500GB + to my shiny new 1.5TB HDD…realizing that it would take over 20h to transfer!

The bottom line, NASs are useful, but something really must be done about speed, make sure EVERY device you own has at least Gigabit Ethernet….

Next time you buy a NAS make sure you have an easy backup solution built-in directly on it, the HDL4 2TB (I-O DATA) that I have at home doesn’t feature this function while the HDL-GT 2TB (I-O DATA) NAS at the office allows me to make a direct back-up to an external HDD (eSATA or USB) directly from my NAS control panel… Just in case, if you’re looking for a NAS, make sure you have a fully capable Gigabit Ethernet network and that your NAS has an easy backup system.

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OT: NASs Are Great, Until You Need to Move Data From ThemOT: NASs Are Great, Until You Need to Move Data From Them
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  • Devin

    luckily most NAS today allow you to just remove the hard drive… if i were transferring such a large amount of stuff I would just put the new HDD in my PC’s case and transfer it like a normal file. A bit more work in some ways, but it’ll take less than 20 hours…

  • Daimaou

    Well I agree with you, but, what will you do in case of a RAID5 Setting like I have ?

  • DaveB

    I have a QNAP NAS with 2 mirrored hard drives. When I wanted to swap them from 300GB to 1 TB each I had the same sort of problems – had to buy a 3rd drive as intermediate to put everything on before the swap.
    The NAS drives can’t be read by normal computers – something about the NAS having Linux OS onboard…

    I remember thinking at the time how stupid it was – would have been much better if I could have plugged 1 x 300GB & 1 x 1TB drive into my PC, done a quick copy then have the mirroring done overnight.

  • MarkP

    This is a good argument for spending a little extra money to get a Drobo. When it fills up you can simply pop out a drive and pop in a larger one. The array rebuilds automatically and you can still use it while this process is going on. Plus, all of the drives can be different sizes, so you only have to upgrade one at a time. I’ve expanded mine from 700GB to 1.5TB in several steps and it’s been totally painless.

  • Daimaou

    Yep the Drodo is very Nice, but… here in Japan I cannot get one… If there are any Drodo Staff reading Akiba please help

  • booest

    Tell me about it.
    The eSATA really comes in handy in these situations. pray hard you do not need to do data recovery -_-”

    Its an even longer nightmare .

  • fh

    Yes NAS performance is a problem. However the bottleneck is NOT the network interface speed. The culprit is the SMB protocol, which is the most common desktop-to-NAS protocol, and unfortunately it is a very slow protocol. Even with gigabit networking, the protocol will drag the transfers down — usually around 15MB/s sustained; however Linux (samba package) can reach ~35MB/s, while OS X sometimes has trouble breaking 10MB/s. The quick-and-dirty solution is to use another protocol such as FTP, even if it may not be as user-friendly.

    There are some NAS units that can also be hooked up directly to the PC as a normal external HDD, which will allow you to bypass the “3rd hdd/backup” method (which you noted) as well as slow network transfers. Sadly few of these have RAID capability in the first place.



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