Published on December 13th,2008 at 1:01 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

When Linux Goes Bad at 10,000 Feet

It’s easy to make fun of Microsoft products when they crash for no reason, you know the famous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)… What about a Wild Crash of a Linux System at 10,000 feet?

Yesterday as I was flying back from Seattle and enjoying the in-flight video program I had the pleasure of witnessing several system crashes that apparently were fixed after several reboot (2).

Pretty scary to see a basic in-flight VOD system crash that easily, even on a plane. I only hope that other sensitive systems are running on more stable and secure OS like Unix (FreeBSD) and not your average Linux Distro.

PS: Sorry for the crappy quality of my pictures, but the iPhone camera module is far from the best I’ve seen!

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  • GoogieGoo

    Disk error. No biggie. It’s just looping the boot sequence waiting for the HDD, SAN, NAS or whatever they have on the plane to be available.

  • herenowhere

    Haven’t you just been invited to a Micro$oft convention in Seattle?
    And now this awkward “article” which just shows you got no idea of Linux and probably software/programming in general.
    Is this what they do on Microsoft conventions? Brainwash people.

    Then this ridiculous bashing:
    “I just hope that their other sensitive system are running a more stable and secure OS and not your average Linux Distro”
    You just made yourself incredibly ludicrously. A blog about tech stuff and no understanding of it.

  • Daimaou

    I guess Herenowhere you are right as a 100% Mac User with Ubuntu Installed in a virtual machine an with 2 Server running Linux and Unix I admit I am brainwash by Microsoft… Just get real man seriously

  • Venkataraja

    Rarely do I see a Linux related “problem screen”. Nice timing

    Still as you can see, it looks like a hardware related error (disk) or some config mistake.

    Good one!

  • herenowhere

    Still it does not explain this total nonsense article.
    It’s like complaining to Honda that your car does not drive because the tank is empty.
    It might not be your intention, but it reads like bashing. Especially your note that the average Linux distribution is neither save nor stable. The system is as good as the admin is.

  • gs

    dude, chill.
    how you choose to interpret the author’s tone is up to you. i think any of us can easily upload a windows blue screen if you want to see one.
    what i think think: its worthy to post this article because its rare to find a linux crash(or a related problem), no?

  • hec

    Almost the same happened to Rockwell xxx 4200D entertainment system just a week ago in A340. In my case only one certain display got “broken”. I didn’t respond to the touch panel nor the controller.

  • Sa

    I have seen this screen once in September 2007 during my flight from Paris to Atlanta

  • JohnLambo

    “I guess Herenowhere you are right as a 100% Mac User with Ubuntu Installed in a virtual machine an with 2 Server running Linux and Unix I admit I am brainwash by Microsoft… Just get real man seriously”

    And yet you were clueless as to why it was displaying that screen.

  • Daimaou

    JohnLambo > Yep, simply coz I am really not in Unix or Linux… I have a Server Admin for that… As for my Ubuntu install on my Mac is just in order to play around and test… Anyway I am not ashamed to know nothing about Linux Unix…

  • tmlclone

    Try Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop version, I think is mature now.

  • firfirstandlast

    This is just free B$… If you are “not ashamed to know nothing about Linux Unix”, you must be ashamed of talking about things you don’t know pretending it’s true.

  • Not_Linux_to_blame

    The problem isn’t with Linux at all, is a HARDWARE problem !

  • andersemanuel

    I think it was funny anyway..
    “ignore the shall “(Yoda)

  • lo_fi

    What a bunch of sad asses, This is meant to be strange/funny article. Maybe you should all go home and ask for a hug from your beloved linux/unix box it might make you feel better? You fanboys need to lighten up.

  • timelord

    I’m just betting that the same Torvalds lovers that are crying foul over a screen showing a linux failure giggle gleefully every time they see a public BSOD though

  • fourblades

    I saw this type of start up sequence with Virgin America too. Pretty interesting to see more airlines doing linux instead.

  • firstandlast

    @timelord: maybe almost a 90% of those BSOD are usually os dependant because of bad drivers (well, bad communication between drivers and the MS OS.

    I have in my hand a certified WiFi adapter for vista that makes ANY SP1 Vista make one BSOD every 5-10 minutes of use… I don’t laugh abut it becasue it’s very serious (The OS and the driver certification I have paid by buying the product cost MY money).

    I don’t see any kind of apologize here so maybe I am wrong reading or commenting anything in this site… i’m soooo sorry. Good bye till you change your mind or learn enough.

  • Asa


    I think timelord’s point is you guys are just douche bags. Stop trolling on a gamasutra news article and go walk a blind person accross the street or go help an old lady with her groceries.

    jesus h christ.

  • Asa

    or articles, too.

  • firstandlast

    trolling?? maybe if we don’t read the first people who told what was wrong and why… maybe if the answer was another… but no. It isn’t.

    If you try to tell someone that he has a wrong attitude about something and that’s called “trolling” maybe, maybe you are the troll here, don’t you.

    I use to visit this page and just want this to be clarified. Because it’s an error that I can’t understand why it’s not corrected… And if I read anywhere I need to trust who is writing it… Do you think I can now?? I think that no, so I won’t come again for “trolling”. Congratulations for your privileged mind.

  • Sebhelyesfarok

    Daimaou is a dumbass Mactard that’s why he posted this crap.


    The IFE systems are complex networks on airplanes totally independent from the critical navigation and communication aircraft systems. No worries ok. What you are seeing here is a simple Linux boot up sequence. All of the Video Servers, Audio/video controllers, Ethernet switches and Display units all operate Linux OS. It looks like the IFE system was rebooted buy the Flight Attendant and this boot up sequence is the result. If your seat rebooted by itself then perhaps one of the many applications was the cause or there was a watchdog that kicked in and caused it to reboot.

    What was your flight number, date of travel and seat number. We can drill down into the logs and see exactly what happened here.

  • DuDs

    still a failure in a critical situation where help is out of question. bad for linux to be the choosed one to crash, but still a crash. maybe need better hardware or a better sysadmin.



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