Published on December 11th,2008 at 7:36 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)

Live from Seattle’s Mobius and I just had the pleasure of playing a little with Eric’s personal and OH-SO-SEXY HTC Touch-HD (Eric’s sexy too, but I here was more interested in his device).

Putting it simply, the HTC Touch HD isn’t anyting like the Diamond. I was SOOOOO disappointed in the Diamond that I became a bit skeptical about all new HTC devices, however, the Touch HD is nothing like it, I had the pleasure of testing it running Windows Mobile.

I’m not good too much on details here since I didn’t play with it long (1h), but if you love the iPhone form-factor and experience, the HTC Touch HD is the closest thing running Windows Mobile 6.1 giving you that…

Yes the Touch-HD Pro is that good.

What I loved the most is it’s the first WiMo device that it only takes two thumbs to type email with, just like the iPhone, as well as interact with the overall device (OS) interface.

No, the HTC Touch HD is not an iPhone clone, in my opinion it’s the first WinMo device that provides as much as pleasure with one finger, just like the iPhone, and where you never have to use a stylus. Add to that a gorgeous HUGE screen (stunning for video and Web surfing), a powerful CPU, an extremely well tweaked ROM to make it very fast….

Well done HTC… You’ve done it, thanks to you I’m leaving the iPhone and joining the WM world!

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HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)HTC Touch-HD Hands-on (Really Really Really Quick Hands-on)
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  • Neil

    I had an HTC phone. It would constantly turn itself on, even when just sitting on a table. Literally every 2 or 3 minutes. No setting would prevent it. As a result, the battery was constantly dead. Often, it would self-dial the last person I’d last phoned. I read lots of others experienced these same problems. I was hoping they’d be solved in the Touch Diamond, but sure enough, I see internet reports of the same self-dialing issue. Doesn’t bode well for the Touch HD. I’d avoid HTC phones like the plague.

  • sasutan

    Any idea when Softbank or Emobile will be selling them in Japan?

  • Daimaou

    Do not count on it

  • Satch

    My brother got one of these the other day. I was a lot more impressed by it than I thought I would be! If your not into the whole apple craze then this is a defo I think.

  • dustangel

    I am sorry but while i loved this site it starts to get frustrating. Each time i visit the homepage i get redirected to a advertising page. If advertising is more important than your visitors i rather visit other similar sites. Thanks for being my number one source for new tech.

  • gb

    i get that ad redirect also! I know the site is ad driven, and that’s cool, but to be redirected immediately to a full page ad gives me that few seconds to lose interest and go to another site for the day.

  • Daimaou

    B patient this campaign will finish soon, but also remember that without ads there will be no websites, not only Akihabara News but MANY others.

  • gb

    I have no problems with ads on websites.

    It’s when I’m automatically redirected to a full page ad that bothers me. The only other site I’ve seen that does this is

    None of the other major gadget sites use ad redirects that I’ve seen.

    Before the ad campaign appeared, I usually came to this site every few hours a day just to see any new gadgets. Especially when there is a video or pictures.

    Now because of the redirect, I come to the site every few days.

  • JeanLucP

    I do have an HTC device for more than 2 years now and despite that I find it sluggish as far as phone is concerned (blaming more WinMo for that) I wouldn’t mind a new one.
    I like what I saw here but I definitely would miss my sliding keyboard



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