Published on November 24th,2008 at 1:46 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

How do You Watch Movies and Videos?

Today is a public holiday in Japan so don’t expect too much from us… And what’s better than playing video games or watching TV when it’s windy and cloudy outside, and around 10 degrees (Celsius)?

Yesterday while I was tuning up my HTPC, I wondered how you guys watch your DVDs, Blu-ray movies, and other video stuff at home? For years I was a hardcore DivX Box guy, but with the recent move in new and improved video codecs and format… I started to get frustrated with only one HDD and being forced to buy a new DivX Box every six months. I made the jump and built myself a decent, but far from prefect HTPC.

Since I am a huge Video/DVD/Blu-ray freak, I’m always interested in hearing how others are watch their stuff, and I am pretty sure we’ll discover new soft/apps/hardware, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below and share your gear.

As for me, my settings are pretty simple:

Sharp AQUOS 37″ Full HD LCD TV
Antec NSK2480
ASUS P5KPL-VM Motherboard
Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E6550
XFX 9500GT HDMI Video Card, with SPDIF out on HDMI
2GB of RAM (800MHz)
2 HDD (80 GB for OS and 500GB for DATA) plus a 2TB NAS
1 DVD Super Multi Drive (PRC1)
Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard
Vista Ultimate and MCE
PowerDVD 8
CCCP Codec (Perfect for HD MKV files and other Dvix Xvid files in MCE)

18% HTPC
43% PC
1% Divx Box
5% DVD-BLU-RAY player
28% PS3 – XBOX
5% Other

(198 votes)

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How do You Watch Movies and Videos?How do You Watch Movies and Videos?How do You Watch Movies and Videos?
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  • whoever

    Just shows what a movie/tv pirate he is

  • nop

    Can you watch CCCP HD divx xvid on Vista? I thought that Vista would downgrade video to non HD.

    Do you use PureVideo on Nvidia card? With what video player? (To use hardware video card optimizer) I use new Radeon card but quite difficult to find video player for AVIVO.

  • ThinkAdrian_temp

    Your graph shows the wrong colours and size of pieces….

  • EdG

    I’m using the new MacBook with Plex and the Apple remote for downloaded material and the PS3 for DVD (unbeatable upscaling) and Blu-ray. Both are hooked up to a 42″ Mirai (Chimei) full-HD LCD.

    Btw, CCCP is bloat. The only thing you need is ffmpeg + Haali splitter.

  • maxmusetmann

    now the colours and size of pieces ok.

    I fix it withr one vote for DivixBox :D

  • IGT

    Shuttle box SX48P2E with ATI 4850 Crossfire
    2G RAM with several HDs including the DIY SSD I got from geekstuff. Hooked up to viewsonic HD projector at approx 70″ viewing size. :D

  • ondafly

    I use an apple mini core 2 duo. Plays back 720p flawlessly, and of course my anime. All hooked up to a 40″ Samsung LCD with Samsung home cinema setup. I run XBMC on the mac mini itself, and just use the remote control that comes with it.



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