Published on November 5th,2008 at 11:44 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Canon’s 5D Mark II: The World’s First Forbidden HD Video, Finally Official!!

Monday we released some new 5D Mark II Full HD video screenshots . Today, Canon Japan finally agreed to let us release the world’s first unofficial Canon 5D Mark II (Beta Version) video.

During some free time from work David (our photographer) and Florent (our video editor for and, put together a STUNNING Canon 5D Mark II video demo. We noticed it was made without technical support, only two little hands to carry the camera, and a MacBook Pro for video editing.

One word, congrats!!!!!!

84% Oh yeah Baby!
2% Gees, these guys have it all!
10% Ok!! Now I wanna live in Tokyo!
4% Crap!

(877 votes)

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  • softwarera

    GOOD! new……………..Can not afford to buy

  • koji

    WOW… this is what will be a serious issue for all those 35mm adapter-companies. Who is going to mount an optic on a camcorder when you can do pretty the same with a 5D? How much will that beauty be? If you do alittle postproduction this video would have looked as it was shot in film… at least not more or less than the 35mm adapter do.

    But in some scenes the picture was green-ish… beta… well… ok. nice job!

  • olasPolare

    why is basically every shot overexposed?
    not impressed with the exposure latitude of this, not much better than a consumer videocamera.
    can sense a bit of rolling shutter jello in the first escalator shot, but theres not very much other shaky shots to judge how the camera handles this.

    also video was a bit long, did it really need two whole songs?

    still looks like lots of fun to make, ahw i miss tokyo now

  • Ash

    Quality of the video was way beyond what I was expecting. What was the song called btw?

  • David_M

    Ryan -> Yes first ! Vincent Laforet is an offical video maker from Canon and he have been pay for that ! We have making that un-officially it’s why Canon have forbidden this video… and only yesterday they say “ok you can publish it” !

    So that the first unofficial video of 5D Mark II, and the proof of wath we can make without any team and few normal lens. Only 2 guy have work on it ! And I’m one of them

  • JasonCollin

    Sweet video guys. It’s very impressive and you got a lot of good footage in just 3 days of shooting.

    I was impressed with Daily Motion’s video quality as well. Is it better than Vimeo’s?

  • halc

    Great video, many thanks.

    We need more panning shots, please pretty please.

    Only way to assess how the cam copes with the jello-effect.

    Next time, try underexposing by 1/3 or even 1/2 stop by default. May help a bit with the over-exposure.

  • Stuggy

    What was the music used in the video? I particularly LOVE the second song! I very much want a copy!

  • Madmolf

    Congratulations. With all due respects to V. Laforet, his film is just technical display of the camera’s possibilities. Your movie is… a movie, not only are the pictures great, but it also conveys emotion and nostalgia of the time in Tokyo. I find it has a poetic value akin to “Koyaanisqatsi” (google it and watch it).

    Good job and i hpe to see more films done by your team.

  • pookapooka

    Can you only shoot with autoexposure? In all the footage examples I’ve seen, in Vincent’s video too, every shot seems to be set to auto exposure. That’s useless for anyone trying to control the look. Does anyone know?

  • Avaro

    This is simply gorgeous, can’t wait to get my hands on mine. Anyway it seems that is going to be needed to develop certain technique of film making.

  • KKohl

    Nice Work! Please Continue. I am looking forward to getting a 5DII in a few weeks.

  • Photographer

    Thank you for doing this. I too, want to return to live in Tokyo.

  • JD

    Great movie! And the music is great too, who is this?

  • HD

    second song is

    Kraked Unit – Poupées russes

  • Jonnnny

    What’s so great about a bunch of Japanese people going about their everyday life?

    Color is OK, poor depth of field though. Hard to really tell anything else from this low resolution streaming video.

    I’ll still take a XHA1…

  • Kei

    @ Jonnnny, you’e simply Out of Topic man…

  • SergeyDubenco

    Nice video!

    I hope soon to see your new film

  • fabio1234

    No real image stabilisation. This is clearly visible here. A bit disapointed.
    Do not see any advantages over a real video camera.

  • Kei

    @fabio1234, Because, may be it’s not a Video Camera. Lot of people forget that point. And if, it was better than video Camera, the Video Camera market would be dead…

  • juliengeekinc

    Great job guys !

    Super boulots les gars ! ça donne vraiment envie de se balader à tokyo !


  • andersemanuel

    I see the same artifacts horizontally as in Panasonics .mov files.
    Nervous and unstable. I wonder if this is the quicktime format or the camera files producing this.
    ANY basic camcorder does a better job. Sony, and Canon pocket IXY, IXUS or SD series produces a smoother more eyepleasing movie.
    I hope it is the macbook pro editing that screwws up the film.
    more raw film from the camera please .
    So I can make up my mind if this is any good.

  • Mrgee

    Very interesting, where can I find out more.. what is the video recorded onto?
    How much video can be recorded? Any compression?
    Lots of questions?
    Hopefully some answers eventially..

  • Norberto

    Excelent video, great work in such as small time. My congrutulations to you guys. I got shocked. Why are you discussing about exposure, shoots, musci, please this is free and made in a couple of days, came on…

  • Shi_Ju

    Any chance of downloading this movie in .avi or .mov?

  • sebas

    very nice work !

    felicitation, bravo super

  • MaxHodges

    > it was his FIRST VIDEO he’s ever shot. Credit where credit is due folks.

    Laforet had a filmmaker help him–read the credits. it’s not he just picked up a video camera for the first time and make a create film. he had an experienced director do it with him.

  • kentcourtney

    I love Japan. Watching the Ginza, commuter trains and the Shinkansen brought back a lot of wonderful memories. What a fantastc camera, also. Tape formats are becoming obsolete – although I’ve got to wonder how many memory cards they used for these two shoots. Now, I’ll find a way to get to Paris.

  • bobby

    Anyone who is slamming the quality of this footage is either not working under the real-world constraints of low budgets, or is working on large-budget film shoots. It looks great, and I’d love to see a video camera in the $3000. price range come close to doing what this camera does. Great stuff guys.

  • branson

    Anyone noticing the lenses used for this vid? 3,000 dollar budget? No… At least 10K. Still impressive, and some blown out areas but could have been compensated for. Is there HDR Video yet? Either way, some sharp shots with very narrow depth of field… nice vid.

  • miles

    Hey, about the focus lag… I read the blog of one of the two people that made the movie, and the one who filmed focused manually

    >>> Original post by video author David, which gives you even more details about the vid – juste read before criticizing :

  • justsomeguy

    Some people are so picky. I enjoyed it as much as the Reverie video. Well done.

  • bobmac

    why can’t canon make video that doesn’t have the rolling shutter jello-vision? I’ll pass on this camera thanks.

  • JonWestcott

    So easy to criticise!

    I think for a first attempt with a new piece of technology your film is great..

    Well done!

    Love to see what the ‘critics’ could produce – I won’t hold my breath though…

  • Vidman

    Not sure why people are excited about the 5D video. It is average at best. Of course, if you are taken in by Canon marketing, you will believe it is the answer to all our video needs. I have seen much better video than this from cheaper video cameras.

  • fres

    Damn now I wanna live in Tokyo

  • Luccio

    This is a really nice video. 5D is really a top-of-the-line machine. And Tokyo is way too cool. Thanks for sharing this video here.

  • Meek

    Wow! The video looks so clear!

  • Zane

    Hello I’ve been checking out the canon 5d mark 2, and although the video looks great
    i’m not sure if its quite pro quality. I heard/read that it has jelloing issues due to its single ccd and aliasing artifacts. I know the still image aspect of the camera is awesome, however i’m still not sure of the video. I’m doing this research independently for a group of friends wanting this camera for primarily video use which i feel is the wrong reason. Any body care to shed some light either pros or cons. Thanks

  • Vern

    What lenses did you use?

  • jean nius

    nice bokeh, at least if i could see it, what sort of rude compressor have you’ve been using?
    the squares and dips in the blacks are more of an jpeg/mp4 than needed now a days
    posting on lets say vimeo gives uncompressed HD, linking to a site like that hopefull will give a good result of what you’ve actually shot




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