Published on October 28th,2008 at 4:37 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

AkihabaraNews 2009… Design Tests

Hi everyone, I’d like to share some things we’ve been working on lately.

You may have seen some changes in the AkihabaraNews design. So far minor changes, and you may see more in the next few days. We’re playing with the AkihabaraNews CSS, and trying several quick fixes before our major change coming in 2009.

What’s this big change coming in early February, 2009? AkihabaraNews has been live on the Internet for quite a long time now, and despite our limited Web design and Php skills so far we’ve done an acceptable job. I admit AkihabaraNews today isn’t what I’d like it to be. There are MANY things I’d like to improve to make things WAY better for you guys & gals.

We have a lot of new features coming, CMS (built by a very good friend of mine), and a new design that our talented Florent Porta will soon be bringing us. We also think you readers should have a say, and we’d like you to share your thoughts with us.

Basically, here’s what we’d like hearing from you:

– Features you’re interested in having. (Twitter? Facebook? Comments? Any features.)
– The sort of news you’re interested in reading. (More Japanese news, or a mix of both World (a selection of the most important) and our usual Japanese/Asian news.)
– Improved Website browsing?
– Improved search?
– More live coverage?
– More product/technology testing?
– More videos/photos?
– More girls?

Anything you have in mind or like, but have yet to see. Also, things you’d like us NOT to remove.

Please post your comments below, or send an email to[at]

Meanwhile we’ll be performing more testing, and have more announcements coming.


Daimaou – Alex

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  • Magu

    Hi there,

    Well, I like the update of news. Would definately like to see you keeping focus on Japanese things as they are far more interesting than anything European producers make.
    I would like some changes/enhancements:
    1. Clean the page up and make text a bit bigger. The title are now (since the recent change) in bold, right? They are difficult to read. The green color of the links can sometimes be difficult to read. Maybe the color should be a bit darker?
    Have a look at this excellent post:

    Good ideas about design. Less IS more!

    I would like to see a better comments system. Add gravatar support. make comments bigger and more a part of the post . That way, it will be more fun interacting with your site.

    3. Keep up the good work. You are a source for many tech sites. Take advantage of the fact that you are in Japan and can get news about things that other sites only read about.

    Ce tout.

  • Magu

    Yep, definately make the commets bigger. They are difficult to read. Especially with this color. Darker please. At least #333.

  • Chris


    I’m really eager to see the update next year. There are something which I think really need improvement. The comment system needs a total overhaul. It’s just not that convenient.
    In addition please focus on News from Akihabara / Japan. There are some many sites which blog about all the European stuff, which honestly is not even slightly comparable to the great gizmos found in Japan. So I vote for more Japanese news.

    Kind Regards


  • Alexandra

    Well…. If THIS is your new design I’m not sure I like it. Big headlines take too much space on my display and scrolling becomes boring.

    There are no big pictures in many posts so I need to open new window – not lovely…

    IMHO: Original akihabara was perfect!

  • Daimaou

    Do not worry Alexandra, the 2009 design will be OH so different, we now just fooling around with the CSS

  • from_Poland

    Sometimes better is the greatest enemy od GOOD. Eerything what WAS was perfect. Font size, colors, pictures, girls
    I do not see ANY good changes on recent pages. I hope we will have our good akihabaranews back.

  • yo

    The old original design (until Sept. 2005) showed complete text of each article on the front page, instead of short snippets. See example here:

  • Magu

    Well, Polish guy…
    Everything is NOT perfect. The font size is too small.
    I know that may be cool in Poland but not outside.
    It’s also nice to validate your sites.

  • Bret

    Firstly i’d just like to say i really enjoy your site, its awesome!
    More videos! The galleries you guys post are fantastic, but more videos please

  • fz22gq

    The comments system ALWAYS signs me out …. it’s frustrating!

    Apart from that, no real changes, happy with what i see ….. but looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

  • jalien

    I like to see major improvement in Image viewing…

    When there are multiple images of any article, it is pain to browse all the images.

    The image viewing should be simple ….something like amazon image viewing or better than that.

  • Daimaou

    Jalien > Yep this will be changed



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