Published on October 2nd,2008 at 1:25 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara News Needs You! 3.5” DIY SSD

Hi Folks, yesterday some major Japanese resellers came to our office to show us their up-coming products and concepts… We stumbled upon a new working prototype 3.5” DIY (Do It Yourself) SSD that can be put together with four CF or eight SDHC cards (up to 256GB max).

Now the cool thing about this SSD is that it works with both IDE or SATA configurations since it carries both of them!

Although we like this SSD, we were told that it’s uncertain if it will be marketed or not.

My question to you guys is simple, what do you think? Regardless of the price (no information on this anyway), let’s assume this solution would be cheaper than an actual 3.5” SSD…

Would you consider purchasing it? Please answer in the poll below.

89% Yes
11% No

(402 votes)

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Akihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSDAkihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSDAkihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSDAkihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSDAkihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSDAkihabara News Needs You!  3.5” DIY SSD
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  • LucianoSgarbi

    Hello, in the news you talk about the possibility to use Compact Flash or SDHC memory modules, but in the picture of the gallery I’ve seen Compact Flash modules only.
    Can you tell me why?

    Thank you.

  • Cocoa

    I would probably use one of these if their writing cycles could last longer. I’ve had several flash usbs expire on me.

  • Catlover

    hmm, if it can run RAID 0 on all 4 or 8CF.
    Putting in 8GB SanDisk Extreme IV will be great, since it is SLC.
    4 x 8GB SanDisk Extreme IV, will be 180MB/s read/write.
    8 x 8GB SanDisk Extreme IV, may hit 360MB/s read/write!!!!!
    Damm!!! SLC power, $@@$ too!

  • Software_Samurai

    Why not create a DIY SSD that takes microSDHC cards? They’re really tiny, so you could probably stuff a dozen slots on the SSD. And if you do that, then you could pair up every two into a RAID1 configuration. Considering that SanDisk has announced a 16 GB microSDHC, I think this would be a really neat DIY SSD. (Yeah, yeah, very expensive to populate with microSDHC, but still very cool!)

  • ddapore99

    This reminds me of another product except it uses ram.

    Hyper Drive

    I like the idea of SS drives (especially RAM based ones) but I would prefer a solution I can use in my laptop.

  • Mac

    A 2.5″ drive kit would be better….

  • Kalin

    Why would anyone need 3.5″ SSD ???

    It will never reach the price of a HDD, or the capacity for that matter. Speed-wise, I am fine with 100MB/s on a 1TB WD Caviar Black and that is JPY16,000 for a TB.
    256 Gigs is not that much anymore anyway.

    The only place SSD have future are mobile applications, laptops mostly. So 1.8″ or 2.5″ factors are more useful. As Software_Samurai suggested, using MicroSD cards will be times more interesting.

    I am not buying this one.



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