Published on September 18th,2008 at 2:49 AM
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Shake, Tap, Flip Samsung’s New Music Phones

Samsung just introduced two new music phones, the Samsung BEATb (model M3410) and the Samsung BEATs (M3200). Both feature the interesting ‘Motion Play’ that allows you to control your music with simple motion. Play or pause music by tapping your phone, mute your music by flipping it, or shake it to play the next song

The Samsung BEATb is a slim bar type music phone (9.9mm), featuring DNSe Technology, an auto EQ, and Motion Play. It’s equipped with 2-Inch LCD screen, 2Mpix camera, Bluetooth 2.0, a 3.5mm audio jack input, and is compatible with MP3, WMA, e-AAC+, AAC+, AAC.

The Samsung BEATs, a slide phone, equipped with an amplifier (B&O ICEpower), a stereo speaker, a 2-Inch LCD screen, 2Mpix camera, and almost the same specs as the BEATb.

Samsung will release the BEATb sometime this month, and the BEATs in October.

Seoul, Korea, September 18, 2008 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone and telecommunication equipment provider, today announced its newest series of music phones, Samsung BEATb (model: M3510) and Samsung BEATs (model: M3200) as the starters of the company’s music phone line “ The BEAT Edition™”.

The two new music phones offer heart-beating music experience to music-loving mobile users who lead dynamic and passionate lifestyle. Consisting of two form factors bar and slider, Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs provide unique and powerful music experience in various slim and sleek designs.

Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecommunication Business, said the music phone market is one of the fastest growing areas in the mobile industry and still has potential to further grow.

“Samsung hopes to set our own music mobile identity with the latest BEAT edition, “said Mr. Choi, adding that Samsung plans to continuously strengthen its music phone line.

Beating the existing music mobiles
Digital Natural Sound engine, also known as DNSe™, which is inherited from Samsung’s own audio technology, provides more natural sound effects, perfectly overcoming the limitations of sound from earphones and small speakers in portable devices. It reproduces a genuine 3D sound and deep bass resonance.

Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs offer a variety of music dedicated features. ‘Auto EQ’ function automatically turns the equalizer into the best setting according to the genre and type of the music users listen to. Also, by using Shazam’s ‘Find Music’ service, users can find any song they want to listen to even at an unexpected moment. By recording and sending a tune to Shazam server, users can easily track down and even purchase the song, through participating operators’ music stores.

Setting the beat on Samsung music mobiles
Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs come with ‘Motion Play’ feature, which enables users to control their music with just few simple motions. For instance, users can play or pause music simply by tapping their phone. By flipping the phone, the music is muted and the phone is automatically set at the etiquette mode. Moreover, by simple shaking the phone, users can play the next song or previous song.

Besides the Motion Play feature, Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs also feature physical music control keys on the outside. Users can immediately play, stop, pause, fast forward or rewind music using these control keys even when working on other tasks such as sending text message and playing mobile game.

Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs are available in unique and vivid accent colors representing Samsung mobile’s expressive and vital music identity.

Samsung BEATb (model: M3510) is the trendy and slim bar type music phone with mere 9.9mm thickness. Having Samsung mobile’s music DNA such as superior sound quality powered by DNSe™ technology, Auto EQ, Find Music, Motion Play and more, Samsung BEATb attracts hip and trendy users who love their music to be always on.

Samsung BEATs (model: M3200) is a slider type music phone with a sleek MP3 player-alike design. Besides all the music dedicated features, Samsung BEATs is equipped with an amplifier by B&O ICEpower® as well as a stereo speaker to provide even-better sound quality to users.

Samsung BEATb, the first to be launched out of The BEAT Edition™ will be available in September. Samsung BEATs will soon follow Samsung BEATb in October to meet music-loving mobile users.

About Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2007 consolidated sales of US$103.4 billion. Employing approximately 150,000 people in 134 offices in 62 countries, the company consists of four main business units: Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business, and Telecommunication Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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Shake, Tap, Flip Samsung’s New Music PhonesShake, Tap, Flip Samsung’s New Music Phones
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