Published on September 17th,2008 at 2:38 AM
By >Akihabara News Team

EOS Canon 5D Mark II HANDS ON with Video & Picture Sample!!!

David’s back from Canon’s Shinagawa press conference where they introduced the new EOS 5D Mark II.
As promised, he gives his feelings about this new beast, with the most important thing…. Pictures and video samples of the 5D!!

But notice the pictures are only a BRIEF SHOOT taken by Canon’s staff. We can’t guarantee how good the pictures are, but they’ll give you an idea of what the new 5D can do!

According to David, Canon’s DSLR is physically very similar to the 5D and very pleasant to shoot with it. It’s also faster than the previous version and quieter (perfect for taking pictures with total discretion). It also has a stereo mic In (jack), and a built-in mono mic. It sounds perfect for video shooting…

However, the video doesn’t seem to be as good as we expected, particularly in full HD resolution. Yes, image quality is very clear, but the colors are strange so we can’t be categorical… Too there were a lot of journalists, and the DSLR’s settings could have gotten messed up. Just watch the video samples.

The LiveView was surprising. It displayed very odd colors as seen in the video sample… At the moment, the Canon 5D Mark II is not that impressive. We’re HUGE FANS of the 5D and it’s is HARD TO BELIEVE this new version of Canon’s flagship is worth less. Moreover, the room’s lighting wasn’t very good (as you can see in picture gallery taken with our 30D… Sorry we didn’t have the time to make the white balance).

So we’ll wait to get it here at Akihabara News before giving you our opinion!

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  • id084895

    Wooow .. those pics are absolutely not representative for the 5d mark II – 16-35 F2,8 combo

    look at that noise on ISO 25600 and 12800 !!
    furthermore the colours are just weird … were these pics taken using the infamous auto-iso mode ?

    and the video … well not too impressive indeed. Let’s just say I’m not blown away by these.

  • Daimaou

    Keep in mind that these photo were taken with a DEMO unit of Canon, a lot of people were playing with the camera, and that we were in Hi ISO. We are waiting for a sample to review and hope we will get a better result.

    As for the video is concerned… I will reply like the Canon Engineer did…. AHAHAH (Almost), what do you expect from a Camera? Even a DSLR, want video, take a Video Camera

  • AndreNickatina

    I suspect the weird colors in the video are just the result of an odd combination of settings, or the fact that it was taken with a preproduction model.

    Most importantly, the above video sample shows that the 5D Mark II does not suffer terribly from rolling shutter skewing artifacts. They are there, but only about as bad as in the Canon HV20.

    The robust H.264 compression looks excellent; very artifact resistant.

  • Schtroumpf

    Alpha rulezzzz :-p
    Long life Minolta spirit

  • Harry

    Thank you for been honest, I currently own the 5D plus the 16-35 for some reason don’t feel the rush on the new MarkII. I sew few shots also to many complains I feel kind of disappointed how slappy CANON has been…
    Thank you



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