Published on August 14th,2008 at 12:33 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…

Back in May when I was in Seattle for the Mobius Event, our MC (Master of Ceremonies) John was kind enough to give me an HTC MTeor. It’s A two year old Smartphone from HTC, never released in Japan, and I was very found of it (actually the very first 3G Smartphone).

Anyway… My little family and I visited our heaven in the country side for a week-end to get some rest… One night before going to bed I Ieft my MTeor next to the kitchen-sink, 50cm away from it. During the night my wife decided to wash some stuff…. Note to myself, buy a dishwasher for our country side residence…

Back to the washing… For some unexplainable reason a big glop of soap decided take residence where my MTeor was sleeping (it was still switched on)…

Early next morning I wanted to check my email and saw my MTeor laying in a pool of soapy water, switched off. At first I thought the water didn’t penetrate it, but when I opened it I saw with horror that water was EVERYWHERE. Just to give you an idea, when I tried removing the MicroSD card, some soap bubbles came out with the card… The battery was dead, and there was rust everywhere…

My MTeor was DEAD… or was it?

Two weeks later we visited our place again from Tokyo, and my MTeor was still there… laying next to the TV… Out of curiosity I tried recharging it, and guess what. Even though the battery was clearly dead… (1 hour of battery lifespan), my MTeor booted-up and was FULLY functional (3G, Bluetooth….), My HTC MTeor looked perfectly normal from the outside, just a burned area from the soap in the water marking the screen…

In the past I’ve both dipped and dropped several devices into water, but this was the first time seeing one survive this treatment…

Impressive. Well done HTC !

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The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…
The HTC MTeor Gets the Gold for Treading Water…
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  • EddieG

    I received one of these from my employer 1,5 years ago. It’s still in a drawer in my apartment… To each his own but this phone is utterly useless. Everyone in my company hates it as it seems to break down after a few weeks even if you don’t drop it into water. I myself just hated the menus too much to use it instead of my personal phone.

  • Daimaou

    I am sorry to hear about this, I myself found this device really nice once “tuned”, I also upgraded the ROM and I had more functionality…

    But to be honest I was using this device more for its phone feature and the PUSH mail

  • Cable

    Yeah, I dropped my Kaiser (TyTN II) in the toilet bowl (before use!), it was fully immerged for 5 seconds…and guess what, nothing broke, it’s still working perfectly, battery and screen are fine.

    If you prefer to continue using your Meteor, maybe you’d sold me your Touch Diamond??

  • DavidM99

    I spilt coca cola on a computer keyboard once – a lot of it and the keyboard stopped working properly. If it was my keyboard that wouldn’t have been so bad but i was the keyboard of a PC at a recording studio that belonged to a friend of mine whom wasn’t so happy about it. We wound up taking it apart and spending the rest of the day cleaning it only to go out and buy a new one the next day – this was the early 1990s so they were not as cheap as they are today.

  • yo

    You spilled Coca-Cola® on a keyboard in the 1990s? I spilled the stuff on an ADM-3A terminal keyboard in 1982 (1 year after the IBM PC was introduced, and 3 years before the “New Coke” fiasco). I cut the power and turned the terminal upside-down to drain the soda. The terminal suffered no ill effects except some temporarily sticky keys and a few ants.

  • Xorrala

    I spilled the bear many times already on the keyboard and it works all right all teh same



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