Published on July 9th,2008 at 11:23 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

Two Days Before the iPhone 3G’s Official Launch in Harajuku (Tokyo), Japanese Are Queuing Up!

As everyone knows, in two days we will finally have the long-awaited iPhone 3G. We went to Harajuku, Tokyo’s electronic geek district, where the iPhone 3G will be initially released in Japan to measure the temperature.

At that moment there were 26 eager buyers (not huge, I admit it) waiting in front of a Softbank shop, some traveled from far away. There was one future iPhone 3G owner who journeyed all the way from Nagoya and arrived in Harajuku at 6AM yesterday. This student, a Computer Science major, is an Apple fan, and owns an iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, Ipod Touch, and an Apple T-shirt… He intends to purchase the 16GB version in White… So, why White?

“The iPhone’s back is white while the opposite face is black. It reminds me of a panda, and I like pandas…”

The customer, a young student who didn’t want to appear in our pictures (it’s understandable if this young man is skipping class…) is also a big fan of Apple (Owner of a MacBook Air, Ipod….). He also chose the 16GB iPhone 3G version in White, but gave us a more traditional answer: “It allows me access to my music, videos, photos, games, and the Internet without having to use my PC, my PSP, my phone…”

Overall, we noticed that they are true Apple lovers, who want to mainly surf the Net. Some of them have nice girlfriends who expect to bring them food in the evening…

Here you are, the future first Japanese iPhone 3G owner

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  • chino

    Did you ask or see if there is Chinese persons in the line? too bad, when the ps3 launch, the first one in line was a chinese guy and everybody hate chinese buyers in Japan.

  • Asher

    yea, great excitement, the Japanese are queing-up, all seven of them!

  • fz22gq

    Not long now …. i went out there yesterday and grabbed a bit of video footage.

  • Daimaou

    You even shooted Kei while he was interviewing people… If you do not mind I will put your video on this news as well

  • Skeg8

    So is there any update on the line status today? I am thinking about heading over there tomorrow morning, but I am happy to not be first in line as long as I can still pick up a phone.

    I will swing by bicamera in yurakucho later today but I doubt there is a line there yet, it usually wont get crazy start until early morning.

  • jigs

    um…harajuku is tokyo’s electronic geek district?
    i thought that distinction still belongs to akihabara.

  • Ken

    Jigs, the Harajuku store is putting them on sale at 7am, with all other locations going at noon. This forced the “line-up” location to be Harajuku. I doubt Softbank would feel comfortable putting it in Akiba right now. Seems like a shrewd marketing move, and one that puts the iPhone squarely in the fashion, hipster scene from day 1.



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