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iSP 149 Series: Mitsubishi Unveils Its New Line of iSP Ultra Thin TVs

Mitsubishi unveiled its new line of Ultra Thin Frame Premium Flat Panel TVs with Integrated Sound Projector (iSP).
Besides the lack of information regarding the true “power” of this new line of iSP TVs, our product feature a nice virtual 5.1 surround sound, also thanks to an easy-to-use GUI, our TVs will calculate the correct beam angles to provide the best possible sound experience for each rooms, and will offer you the illusion of surround perfect sound.

As for the TV, you’ll have a choice of two LCD panel sizes: 46″ (LT-46149) and 52″ (LT-52149), and our LCD screen will provide an image-driving speed of 120Hz.

The 46″ version should cost 2000€, and the 52-Inch version 2350€.

IRVINE, Calif., -June 30- Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. today announced the introduction of their Ultra Thin Frame Premium Flat Panel TV with Integrated Sound Projector (iSP). The new Premium Flat Panel TVs with iSP deliver built-in sound capabilities that will transform the home entertainment experience with innovative sound technology by offering consumers an integrated home theater TV solution without the need for additional speakers or extra wires — all using a single remote control. Mitsubishi’s new Premium Flat Panel TV with Integrated Sound Projector product line up will come in 46″ (LT-46149) and 52″ (LT-52149) models.

“Mitsubishi’s new Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP creates a new immersive audio experience with innovative sound technology that exceeds what is currently being offered on the market,” said Frank DeMartin, vice president, marketing, at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. “The new Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP is ideal for consumers who have been craving a complete home theater TV solution without the complicated set-up and operation.”

How iSP Works

The integrated sound projector (iSP) reproduces true 5.1 surround sound from a single speaker cabinet attached below the TV screen. The speaker enclosure houses a 16-speaker array that creates a 5.1 channel sound field. Through the use of an advanced algorithm, the iSP delays the sound varying intervals to each of the 16 speakers. As a result, the speaker generates
5.1 distinct sound beams that are focused both directly and indirectly to the listener.

Easy to Set-up and Use

Simplicity and superb performance make the Mitsubishi Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP one-of-a-kind. The new models provide high quality performance picture and sound with simple set-up and user-friendly operation enabling a unique total home theater package.

One of the key features of the integrated Sound Projector is its simple graphical user interface. Out-of-the-box, the iSP is set up to deliver optimal sound in a typical room setting. In a matter of minutes, the user can easily enter specific room dimensions as well as the location of the main listening area. The iSP calculates the beam angles to provide the best sound for the room environment. If a user chooses to further fine tune the surround sound, the iSP provides the ability to position each channel via a test tone and an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Through the simple on-screen display, users can adjust the location and sound level for each of the five surround channels. The output level for the sub woofer is also directly controllable from the remote control.

The new Mitsubishi Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP is also extremely easy to use. The Digital Cable Ready feature (CableCard) offers connection to digital cable without the need for a set-top box. With a simple user interface and audio supported by HDMI and PCM, the Premium Flat Panel TV is designed to deliver optimal sound in typical room settings and supports easy connection to DVD and Blu-ray players.

“The Mitsubishi Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP represents a significant milestone in our strategy to deliver a richer and easy-to-use home theater entertainment experience that meets strong consumer demand for simplicity and aesthetic purity within the home theater space,” said David Naranjo, director of product development at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.
“The new Premium Flat Panel TV with iSP eliminates the need for separate audio components to provide a clutter-free home theater system that is also ideal for secondary home theater rooms such as bedrooms and smaller locations throughout the house where full-blown theater systems may not be practical.”

Product Features

Mitsubishi’s entire line of Premium Flat Panel TVs feature Smooth 120Hz Film Motion, taking 120Hz to the next level with dejudder for film originated content. In the conversion of film-to-video for display, 24Hz artifacts can be seen in slow panning scenes and Smooth 120Hz Film Motion eliminates this artifact for smooth, crisp, fast and slow action content.

Consumers can also turn the new Mitsubishi Premium Flat Panel TVs into a work of art with GalleryPlayer software which enables display of stunning high-definition art and photography. Users can select images from GalleryPlayer’s comprehensive library of licensed digital photography and reproductions from National Geographic, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and others. Customers may download the GalleryPlayer software at and load on to a USB drive for installation in all Mitsubishi Premium Flat Panel TVs.

Pricing & Availability

Mitsubishi will ship the LT-46149 and LT-52149 to authorized retailers in the United States in July 2008. Manufacturer’s Suggested Value Pricing will be $3,299 and $3,699, respectively.

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., an Official Sponsor of
The PGA TOUR, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of premium quality 1080p DLP(R) HDTVs and 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTVs. Recognized as the world leader and innovator of large display high-definition televisions, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America builds products that lead the industry in quality, performance and ease-of-use. For additional information about MDEA, visit

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