Published on June 25th,2008 at 9:36 PM
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New Blu-Ray Disc Player from Pioneer for Europe

Pioneer enlarged its Blu-Ray player line-up with the BDP-LX91, BDP-LX08, BDP-LX71, and BDP-51FD. All these models support 1080p24, HDMI-12-Bit Deep Color.

Our new devices also feature KURO Link, 7.1 analog output, and are compatible with DTS-HD Master Audio / Dolby True HD.

According to Pioneer, the BDP-LX71 will be available in September, the BDP-LX08 and BDP-51FD in October, and the BDP-LX91 will be released sometime this winter.

When combined with an ‘HD ready 1080p’ KURO TV and our latest AV Receivers, these high-end BD players immerse the most demanding home cinema aficionado in a seeing and hearing experience like never before.

4 new Blu-ray Disc players will be introduced:

* BDP-LX91: LX Line Reference Blu-ray disc player (BD-Live / Profile 2.0)
* BDP-LX08: LX Line ‘Designer’ Blu-ray disc player (BonusView / Profile 1.1)
* BDP-LX71: LX Line Blu-ray disc player (BonusView / Profile 1.1)
* BDP-51FD: Blu-ray disc player (BonusView / Profile 1.1)

The BDP-LX71 will be available in September. The BDP-51FD and the BDP-LX08 will arrive in October; the BDP-LX91 later on in winter.

The players support next-generation high resolution audio and feature a redesigned chipset which improves overall performance.

These Blu-ray disc players are a must-have, completely in tune with the innovations of HD home entertainment technology. Exceptional build quality, featuring a double-layered chassis and dedicated audio and video boards, gives these Blu-ray players a reassuringly solid feel, which is supported by a stable player mechanism.

True-to-life picture quality.

The new BD players ensure a cinematic experience with their ability to handle 1080p 24 frames per second (fps) reproduction rate, matching the sequence of the original film.

Taking full advantage of HDMI connectivity and the most cutting-edge video processing available, they provide pure images to deliver the full emotional impact of Blu-ray Disc films as the director intended.

HDMI 12-Bit Deep Colour support guarantees smooth transitions between different shades and delivers an unprecedented range of colour tones, recreating the natural world on the TV screen.

A Video Adjust Mode, which includes predefined settings and allows detailed manual adjustment of most video parameters, enables you to customise your viewing experience. For the finest video performance a specially-designed KURO TV video setting perfectly optimises the Blu-ray players’ picture output to meet the acclaimed quality of a connected KURO TV.

Listening like never before.

Creating a balanced surround sound featuring accurate expression and controlled dynamics, the Blu-ray players’ sound performance heightens the emotional experience.

Stunning colours and superior picture reproduction are complimented by the additional support of lossless digital audio formats DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. The players bring the highest quality sound performance of Blu-ray Disc film titles to your living room, giving up to 7 channels of pure audio.

In addition, professional-quality Wolfson Digital Audio Converters (DACs) ensure the highest level of analogue audio performance.

Pioneer Home Theater Synergy.

When paired with a KURO plasma TV and our newest AV receivers these new Blu-ray Disc players complete your home entertainment experience. Their unique performance settings accurately reproduce subtle details, vivid colours and deep shadows when shown on KURO TVs.

Connected to a new Pioneer SC-LX71 or SC-LX81 A/V receiver via HDMI, the Blu-ray disc players perfect CD playback with the Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS). This advanced feature transmits music data coming from the Blu-ray Disc player to the receiver, providing the audience with the ultimate listening experience.

In order to unify the appearance and improve usability of its home theatre products, we have developed an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with the same look and feel as found on our KURO Plasma TVs and latest A/V receivers. The Blu-ray Disc players’ built-in KURO LINK feature allows you to control the devices with the remote of your KURO plasma TV.

We have paid extra attention to the design synergy of the Blu-ray players with our other equipment and especially to the horizontal product layout. Not only do they feature a clean symmetrical design with a central positioned tray and display, they perfectly match in height when placed on top of a DVR-LX61(D) and next to the upcoming SC-LX81 or SC-LX71 AV receivers as well.

With its aluminium top plate and glossy black acrylic front the BDP-LX08 focuses on design. It matches nicely with our LX systems, but operates perfectly as stand-alone as well. The BDP-LX91 reference model is the ideal partner to combine with the SC-LX90 and KRF-5000FD to create the ultimate home theatre experience. The BDP-51FD incorporates all nice-to-have features and more to build a private home cinema.


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