Published on June 17th,2008 at 6:33 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

Toshiba: A New Future Failure After Its FIrst Attempt at Killing Blu-Ray?

Toshiba remains stubborn and continues the “real high-def experience war.” This time they’ve announced they’re working on new technology to upscale standard definition content (such as DVD) to a higher resolution.
Apparently, during a London event, Toshiba showed two TV’s displaying the same content, one at standard definition the other using their upscaling device, but….it turned into a real fiasco!

After receiving some “far from publishable question and insults”, the representatives, including Emily Shirley, Head of Product Marketing at Toshiba Europe were obviously getting irate” reported Tech Digest

According to Toshiba, Blu-Ray is “simply” a storage medium and has nothing to do with their new technology!

Anyway… Just wait & see!

Via Engadget, from an original story of Techdigest

22% A futur failure again…
16% It could be revolutionary!!
12% Two Words: BLU-RAY!!!
50% Mouahaha!!!!

(58 votes)

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  • gb

    This is just sad. Move on and start making those blu-ray players. maybe if Toshiba started subsidizing their players like what they did with HDVD, they should get overall market dominance in the blu-ray market. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Alpha2008

    If they are so intent on upscaling.. then make some QFHD tv’s and start upscaling blu-ray..

    Or make a blu-ray player with good dvd upscaling.. i bet some people would want one of those.

  • kaneda

    Blu-ray is nothing more than a storage medium, thats all it will ever be. Just like DVD, CD and floppy disk.

    Personally the future of all media is the internet, not blu-ray.

    the h.264 codec is more than efficient enough for a 720p/180i-p film to be put on the internet for download ( at a price or whatever).

    sure keep releasing blu-ray DVD’s for those who like having nice fancy box sets or maybe so they can say they didnt waste their money when they got the PS3 but dont give it that much attention.



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