Published on June 17th,2008 at 12:51 AM
By >Akihabara News Team

The “Lazy Geek’s Cushion” from Thanko

Are you fed when leaving your office at the end of the day because your back is broken after sitting all day in front of the computer? Are you simply too tired to sit in front of your computer?

Thanko is here for you guys! Thanks to their new “Lazy geek’s Cushion,” sit all day in front of your laptop without
getting a pain in the back. I’m sure you’ll be more efficient at work with this cushion!

It measures 800x490mm and weighs 3Kg.

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  • Bart

    Ok, where can I place my order?

  • yojimbo

    I’ll wait for the dakimakura version…

  • Arie

    Me want one too!

  • sorbetninja

    How can I get one in the USA? I have wanted something like this for years.

  • KidKobun

    Posted on Tue Jun 17, 09:39 by yojimbo, otaku, san francisco

    “I’ll wait for the dakimakura version…”

    LOL ! I am sure that it isn’t too far off. :D

  • jmex

    OMG !!! … I want it !!! … but I’m sure that in latin america is just imposible to get it

    I will wait and pray a lot … then … maybe I’ll find it in a “stupid and lazy things” store in Guatemala … hahahahahahahaha !!!!

  • anonymouscoward

    what!!! 3KG!!! oh my.. how much to get shipped! ugh!

    i need 1… hahaha

  • perusmuro

    That would be greatest invention if it also includes fleshlight in most strategic position..

  • Xandrex_web

    thanko’s european site does not feature this product. Will GS4U sell that cushion ?

  • JustDaveN
  • Lia

    OMG! I have been looking for something like this for YEARS!!!

  • Phil_E_Drifter

    That’s totally photoshopped, look at the shadows, they’re all wrong. Someone has incredibly poor photoshop skillz.

  • Sarah

    As a stomach sleeper with back problems who cannot bend at the waist, I would KILL for one of those things.

  • Pedro2

    Awesome i want one rigth now

  • htrtfrd


  • Raegena

    This is great…unless you have boobs…

  • Furkan

    I need that !

  • anyoneelse

    kinda looks like one of those wedge things used for sex

  • Jen

    Good for having sex. Perfect angle. I own one, I know. ^_^

  • Deindae

    Phil_E_Drifter, have you ever heard of a photo shoot? See they have these incredible things called spotlights. One overhead and one towards the left would produce these shadows.

  • Mallister

    Haha that looks cool. But I would bet your back would still hurt like hell if you use that.

  • lolimadethisnametomakejok

    Wow, I would lay all up over that cushion.
    but what is that black thing she is on?

  • markishmark

    Imma lazy geek who really needs one of these contraptions!

  • Boxheadman

    WTF is wrong with her wrists in the second photo down?

  • Da

    I would purchase this- or maybe just give hint extremely (un)subtle hints around gift-giving holidays.



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