Published on June 9th,2008 at 4:17 AM
By >Akihabara News Team

Panasonic Develops Pa-Look, Ball Premium Q Fluorescent Bulbs

Today Panasonic announced new fluorescent light bulbs using the “hybrid lighting method” that provides instant bulb brightness.

Fluorescent lamps take time to light up, and for places like bathrooms and cellars, this type of lighting is inconvenient. This new bulb is composed of a “Quick Lamp” in the center of the spiral that enables brightness 50% to 60% faster, and automatically shuts off after attaining maximum brightness. You’ll get a brightness equivalent to 54watts with an energy consumption of only 10watts, thus reducing your electricity bills by 80% and emissions of CO ².

Tokyo, Japan–Panasonic, the leading brand by which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
is best known, today announced the new Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) compact
fluorescent light bulbs with the industry’s first “hybrid lighting method” that enables instant
brightness. The new product will be available in Japan starting this July.
Energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs have been attracting attention as an
environmentally-friendly choice for home for their long lifespan and the property to give off
warmth like incandescent lights. These fluorescent bulbs, however, were considered
unsuitable for places where they were turned on and off frequently, such as bathrooms, as
they could not light up as instantly as incandescent bulbs.
To solve the problem, Panasonic has successfully developed the “hybrid lighting method” by
installing a newly-developed compact “quick lamp” in the center of the spiral arc tube structure
inside the pear-shaped Premium Q fluorescent light capsules. The “quick lamp” allows the
bulb to obtain 60 percent of full brightness within the first second after it is turned on, which is
50 percent faster than current Pa-Look Ball Premium bulbs and stands as the industry’s
quickest ramp-up time1).
A built-in timer automatically turns off the “quick lamp” when the spiral arc tube lamp develops
enough brightness. As a result, the new Premium Q bulbs achieve brightness equivalent to
that of 54-watt2) incandescent bulbs with an energy consumption of only 10-watts3), cutting
down CO2 emissions and electricity bills by 80 percent4).
The new Premium Q bulbs deliver the industry’s top performance in lifespan and durability2).
They last approximately 13,000 hours and can be switched on and off approximately 40,000
times, achieving a 30 percent improvement from the current Pa-Look Ball Premiums.
Consequently, the new bulbs can reduce frequency of exchanging bulbs to one-thirteenth
compared to 54-watt incandescent bulbs.
Panasonic continues to implement its commitment to the environmental protection by
introducing innovative products such as the Pa-Look Ball Premium Q fluorescent light bulbs.

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  • albundyhere

    why would they waste money on old technology? LED is where bulbs are at now.

  • jojo

    Give me the good old incandescent lightbulb. Cheap and effective. Stupid legislation is trying to outlaw the old lightbulbs and force us to pay out the ass for compact flourescents.

  • IGT

    Because LEDs are not cheap when you want high lumen output, also the heat dissipation is an issue.

  • cowboyweasel

    The LED’s don’t quite have the Lumen/watt output as fluorescents do. They are close but not as good, yet. What I like about these is the 40K switches in its 13K hour lifetime. I would like to see a life vs. time on graph, what most people don’t know is the extremely long life by fluorescents is directly influenced by the time they are allowed to be on. There is a marked increase at about 15min on for regular fluorescents.

  • Thetrue

    54W is damn low, I’ll be blind in no time with that light.

  • Java

    Yeah, for all around bulbs at home, these energy saving flourescents are the way to go. Even I have to agree with the green people once in a while…especially when it hurts the pocketbook these days!

  • MsGreen

    Green is good however you do it. Using recycled cartridges is another big way to be green…provided that you choose a reputable vendor.

  • BestTips

    Cool bulbs! Definitely a good money saving tip I’ll have to add to our daily tips site. =)



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