Published on June 4th,2008 at 9:34 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

New Xacti HD1010 Hands On! Not Very Revolutionary…

Today Sanyo announced the replacement of the Xacti HD1000… The HD1010! No press conference for this one, we were invited to the product preview. We were able to see a demonstration of this new Xacti, and also talked with engineers and tested it for ourselves.

Why just a “10″? Why not simply a “2000″? It’s only an “upgrade”!

What’s up? Many “bug” corrections as the stabilization and focus (the black points that we noticed during our tests on HD1000), enhancement of external hard drives management (because if you didn’t know your Xacti HD1000 and 1010 can manage external USB disks), and improvement of the computing power of video processor to move from 12Mbps for FullHD 1920x1080i to 14Mbps… And the most important point for all video-experts: the arrival of 1080p ( 12Mbps)! Yes, our Xacti can make 1080P in addition to the “i” in Full HD 1920×1080! It’s only 30fps, but it’s still very interesting to those who want to make more professional videos (We noticed that the advantage of the Xacti HD1000 was to offer 720p, Sanyo is hitting harder with 1080p!). Also, the new 30p format allows playback with Quicktime, which has been a bug in the past. However, the 60 fields per second (1080i) mode still won’t work properly with Quicktime.

For the rest, nothing revolutionary, some little improvements … And gadgets such as video mode Web-SHR which allows 300fps in 448×336. We should also mention that while the outside looks the same, the hardware inside has slightly changed, which is why they have justified the upgrade and asking around 120,000 yen in Japan (in America for $799.99). We have yet to hear the price in Europe.

You can download a video sample that I made at Sanyo offices and a picture taken with this new device.

19% Damn!! I’ve just bought the HD1000
31% Yes
50% I’m waiting for the price down

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  • The_don

    How does the high speed footage look?

    I got a Sony HD3 in the past and was excited by it’s 300fps mode, but it makes everything slightly blurry and out of focus.

  • haarec

    Thank you for the sample. The image is better than in previous version of this camera. The sample is opening in 1280×720 window. It seems this is 720p upscaled, is it?
    Anyway good progresive 720 is better than interlaced 1080 as far as movement is concerned. I hope someone finaly develope 1080/60p for reasonable price. Casio?

  • gb

    can you post HD versions in 30, 60 and 300FPS? I’d like to see the difference between the 3 resolutions, especially that 300FPS.. insane!

  • hal2k

    I had a chance to try out the HD1000 a month or so back. I own a CG-65 (have used it for several student projects) and really appreciated the HD1000′s ergonomics. It’s low-light performance is pretty good. The bandwidth for capture for the HD1010 has been increased, but still does not approach Canon’s HF100 17MB/S. Still — having tried a HF100 (excellent camera btw) I would go with the HD1010. Sanyo pioneered the flash-based camcorder market, and their experience in UI design really shows.

  • Burlz

    So do us poor unfortunate HD1000 owners get at least a partial firmware upgrade, pre
    ideally to achieve the improved bitrate and remove all those bugs they’ve found?

  • Barry

    Is the SDHC capacity limited to 8gb?

  • MikeSilva

    I would like to see a firmware update to the HD1000 model to be able to choose 1080p@30fps (at least it would be a better choice for low motion movies, and it should demand the same or even less processing power from hardware)

    About the steady-shot and focus problems, this are the 2 remaining problems I would expect any improvement from next firmware update (the most reasonable approach with original HD1000 hardware).

  • Kenneth_Medin

    I just tried to stabilize your testvideo to check for CMOS wobble. Yes, it’s very visible! This is true with any CMOS camera and should be concidered before buying. A CCD sensor is much better if you plan to shoot shaky video and stabilize in post. With the small HD1010 this is a real problem as you don’t want to bring a heavy tripod everywhere… The HD700 is much smaller AND has a CCD sensor. A better choice imho.

    I put up a short video showing the wobble at:

    (I hope I haven’t stepped on anyones copyright by using a part of the published testvideo. If so contact me and I will have it taken down.)

  • Cesar

    Looking for add-on lens, any store will recommend?



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