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2008 Kuro PDP TV US Line-up

Yesterday, Pioneer USA unveiled its new line of Kuro PDP (plasma) TVs. Since the beginning, Kuro’s aim was delivering TVs with the best “Black” image as possible (Kuro means “Black” in Japanese).

With its new generation of TVs (50” and 60”), Pioneer succeeded in bringing a 5x deeper Black level… Impressive.

Pioneer Continues to Surpass Black Level Performance with New Line of 2008 KURO Televisions

Pioneer’s 2008 KURO Displays Boast Industry Leading Black Levels and Richer Color to Create an Unmatched Emotional Entertainment Experience

NEW YORK–Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announces a new line of KURO plasma displays featuring black levels five times deeper than the previous award-winning KURO. Widely recognized for its commitment to creating entertainment experiences that transcend the ordinary, Pioneer takes yet another groundbreaking step towards HDTV perfection with this new line of 2008 KURO flat panel televisions.

“The game-changing performance our KURO displays brought to the market last year revitalized the landscape of high end home theater in a way that was never thought possible. The introduction of this year’s KURO televisions is another step toward our ultimate goal of pure, absolute black that will fulfill the true potential and all the promise of high-definition entertainment,” said Paul Meyhoefer, vice president of display marketing and product planning, home entertainment business solutions group, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Our goal is to listen and fully understand the minds of creative professionals and their craft. When great entertainment comes together something truly magical happens, the boundaries of technology fall away and you’re left with a truly unique experience. This is the hidden key to the power that KURO possesses and ensures the integrity of the artist’s vision is never compromised.”

Pioneer’s Philosophy is Absolute Black

The philosophy behind Pioneer’s Project KURO and the driving force is to achieve absolute, pure black. True, deep black creates a picture unlike any other that possesses finer detail, greater contrast, and more importantly, the ability to produce deeper colors not achievable before. This year, Pioneer pushes ever closer to their goal of absolute black by further reducing the idle luminance and improving black levels five times over the previous 2007 KURO models. This has enabled Pioneer to accurately reproduce deeper colors within the high-definition color spectrum and outdistance other display manufacturers.

Pioneer understands that color is a vital tool that creative professionals – from visual artists to film and television producers – use freely to evoke emotion and arouse our senses. With varying techniques from the most subtle to intense manipulation of color, artists can induce a very specific feeling within their audience. That feeling can be lost or diluted if a television cannot produce true, pure deep blacks and in turn reproduce an accurate color spectrum. The end result cannot be imitated and is beyond compare.

Evoking Emotion through Sound

Pioneer has incorporated six unique sound settings associated with each of the KURO video settings – standard, movie, sports, performance, game, dynamic – to ensure a customized listening experience that is specifically in tune with the type of programming on-screen.

The television employs an auto volume stabilization feature that further controls the television’s volume level when switching between different types of programming; including network shows and commercials, broadcast channels or different input types to ensure each experience remains true and distinct from one another.

Pioneer has included the most advanced SRS® WOW HD technology in the new KURO models by incorporating SRS Definition, a high frequency enhancement that provides finer control and adjustment to manage low, mid and high audio frequencies. The result adds to the virtual surround sound effect and produces clearer, more precise audio in mid to high frequency levels.

A Truly Intelligent Television

The KURO employs a unique automatic adjustment feature called Optimum Mode that simultaneously monitors video and room light conditions. The KURO then seamlessly adjusts the picture and sound settings by even the slightest variation to provide an experience specially tailored to each type of programming. The result is movies that reproduce a film-like quality, sports that feel like you’re on the field and crisp clear narration from newscasts that focus on the reporter, not ambient background noise.

While many consumers will rely on this unique feature, the 2008 KURO models still have the ability to switch between six finely tuned pre-set modes including: standard, movie, sports, performance, game, dynamic for consumers who prefer the ability to manually adjust their KURO television according to their particular taste.

Enhanced Consumer Convenience Features

The introduction of the 2008 KURO 1080p line creates the perfect synergy between film, video and high quality sound, helping blend these into a new world of seeing and hearing like never before. Pioneer has built a reputation for providing best-in-class products that evoke emotion and surpass typical high-quality sight and sound specifications, adding enhanced features such as these to the 2008 KURO line:

* Pioneer KURO televisions are now only 3.7 Inches thick, reduced by nearly 20 percent
* New remote control and redesigned high definition graphic user interface for ease-of-use and seamless integration with other A/V equipment
* Networked Home Media Gallery for playback of digital assets such as HD movies, music and photos from a PC or via USB
* Pioneer KURO televisions are DLNA compatible and Windows PlaysForSure™ compatible

PDP-5020FD 50-inch Class (49.85-inch Diagonal) 1080p June $4000 1 year
PDP-6020FD 60-inch Class (59.58-inch Diagonal) 1080p June $5500 1 year

Pioneer’s Home Entertainment and Business Solutions Group develops high definition home theater equipment for discerning entertainment junkies. Its flat panel televisions, Blu-ray Disc players, A/V receivers and speakers bring a new level of emotion to the HD experience. The company brands include Pioneer® and Elite®. When purchased from an authorized retailer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years with Pioneer Elite products. More details can be located at

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2008 Kuro PDP TV US Line-up
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  • darkfader

    Yeah, but is it 3D ready?

  • Thetrue

    They’re still pretty expensive, for a product where each year they become obsolete (they release a new one year-after-year).

    It should be by the HALF of that price.



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