Published on May 6th,2008 at 11:11 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

New HD (720p) Moon Video Posted by NHK and JAXA

As you may know, JAXA (the Japanese equivalent of NASA) and NHK ( Japanese National TV) worked together launching an HD video camera (Canon) in order to take shots of the moon. Today NHK released two HD (720p 2Mbps) video clips of what this satellite captured. The videos are absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait to fly there one day myself…

NHK will soon release a DVD, and hopefully a Blu-ray, release of these videos for purchase… In Japan of course.

You can access HD Video here

62% Yes
38% No

(55 votes)

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New HD (720p) Moon Video Posted by NHK and JAXANew HD (720p) Moon Video Posted by NHK and JAXA
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  • AML2

    is it just me or do those videos look super fake?…

    I dont think they would be, but they just dont look real.

  • Timotei

    It’s really hard to understand something that we aren’t that familiar with, only a handful people has been in space, I doubt those are fake.

    I want to go into space myself, it looks awesome.

  • VooDooRoo

    It doesn`t look real I agree…

    1st video…

    at 21sec`s there are shadows.

    The sun is behind the satellite and as

    It moves the shadows don`t extend or get longer…

    Ok thats because the moon doesn`t spin! and we can see only the same part of the moon….

    fair enough

    BUT the second video watch the shadows?I think there getting longer?

    And the earth is going to the dark part,away from the sun? So going around the back of the moon?

    Maybe I could be wrong. You know NHK has never done a shifty before right???

    V D R


  • Thetrue

    If they are really 720p (or even 1080p) is no point to release them in DVD, they should be in Bluray.

  • Daneel

    VooDooRoo: If you really are a teacher, ask one of your colleagues who teaches science to enlighten you about the so-called “dark side of the moon” fallacy.

  • Monkey

    the moon does not spin? of course the moon spins. It gives one turn on it axis in one month. The problem is that the moon rotation is synchronized with earth’s rotation in a way that we always see the same side.

    see here



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