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Stylish & Sophisticated: The New Bravia DAV-F200 2.1 Home Theater

Looking for a stylish yet powerful in home DVD player/home theater system? Here’s the DAV-F200 Bravia from Sony Europe!

Our system comes with DVD upscale (1080p), subwoofer, 450W S-Master output, as well as Mp3 and WMA audio and DivX video support.

See the press release below for more information.

Weybridge, 29th April 2008 – Cinema with style – that’s the new DAV-F200 BRAVIA Home Theatre system from Sony. Combining the latest technology with beautiful, clean design, it brings superb virtual surround sound into the home – without filling the room with speakers.

The stylish control centre can stand on a desk or shelf, or be mounted on the wall, and this – along with compact speakers and a hideaway subwoofer – enables the DAV-F200 to deliver all the thrills of a powerful exciting, immersive home cinema experience without the clutter of conventional set-ups.

What’s more, the system is the result tuning by the same team responsible for Sony’s high-end AV receivers, with components such as the speaker driver units and amplification being selected after extensive listening tests to achieve the highest possible quality from a system of this kind.

The DAV-F200 is designed to be as simple to set-up as it is to use, with Sony’s S-Force Front Surround technology combining with a total of 405W S-Master digital amplification to create amazing virtual surround effects from just two speakers and a compact subwoofer.

And it’s packed with the latest technology, including an HDMI output for simple connection to a BRAVIA LCD television. The HDMI not only delivers superb picture quality, with upscaling to 1080p to make your DVDs look stunning on even the largest screens, but also allows simple control from one remote handset of both the DAV-F200 and a BRAVIA TV, thanks to the BRAVIA Sync set up.

You can even make the most of content stored on portable devices, from WALKMAN® MP3 players and Sony Ericsson mobile phones to USB memory keys. There’s a USB socket on the control unit, allowing you to both play from connected devices and record to them, and the system is also compatible with Sony’s DMPORT modular digital media adapters, which include docks for a range of portable MP3 players such as WALKMAN® or iPod, Sony Ericsson mobile phones as well as Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled laptops or PCs.

Stunning, clean style
The DAV-F200 epitomises Sony’s new ‘clean living’ concept – stylish products with superb audio and video quality made possible by the skilled application of the latest technology.

Its sleek black main unit, which can be used on its standard table stand or wall-mounted*, contains the disc player, able to handle DVDs, CDs, and file formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio, DivX and JPEG. There’s also a radio tuner built-in, along with all the control and processing systems to deliver great surround sound.

It’s partnered with a powerful speaker system combining a pair of slimline main speakers and subwoofer designed to deliver all the weight and excitement of those big movie soundtracks.

Technology built to thrill
The audio power for the system is delivered by S-Master digital amplification, with 135W for each speaker as well as the subwoofer – first used in Sony’s flagship AV receivers, it combines compactness, efficiency and superb quality.

Here it works with Sony’s S-Force Front Surround technology to create enveloping, rich and detailed virtual surround effects without the need for speakers all around the room. This system may be compact, but it delivers a truly room-filling sound.

There’s even Sony’s Dialogue Enhancer system, designed to make movies clear and easy to enjoy, even when you have to listen to at low volume settings.

1080p upscaling for breathtaking pictures
The picture quality is every bit as remarkable as the sound: using its HDMI output to connect to a BRAVIA TV, the system can upscale standard DVDs to 1080p resolution, giving them superb colour, sharpness and visual impact even on the largest of screens.

BRAVIA Sync – Simple to set up, simple to use
All that technology also makes the DAV-F200 incredibly easy to use. Sony’s BRAVIA Sync gives one-button control of both the system and a BRAVIA TV connected via HDMI with one remote. Press ‘play’ and the TV will select the correct input automatically; select standby when you’ve finished viewing and both system and TV will shut down. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

The flexibility to make the most of your portable music

A USB socket on the control centre lets you plug in portable MP3 players, memory keys such as Sony’s Micro Vault devices and other portable storage devices. Not only can the system play contents stored on connected devices, it can also record to them, allowing you to take your entertainment with you.

The DAV-F200 also features Sony’s DMPORT, able to accept a range of modular adapters to interface with portable devices such WALKMAN® MP3 players, Sony Ericsson mobile phones and iPods. There are even adapters for Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity with laptop or desktop PCs, and the system’s Portable Audio Enhancer setting is designed to enhance the sound quality of compressed music files such as MP3.

The BRAVIA DAV-F200 will be available in June from Sony Centre stores, retailers and online at the Sony Style shop –

BRAVIA DAV-F200 2.1 Home Theatre System key features

* 2.1 system with compact, stylish control unit and speakers
* HDMI connection with 1080p upscaling and BRAVIA Sync system control
* USB play and record
* DMPORT connection for portable devices
* Portable Audio Enhancer
* 405W 32bit S-Master Digital Amplifier
* S-Force Front Surround
* Plays DVD, DVD+/-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX (plus WMA and AAC on USB)
* Optical/coaxial digital and analogue inputs for external sources
* Supplied with remote handset

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Stylish & Sophisticated:  The New Bravia DAV-F200 2.1 Home TheaterStylish & Sophisticated:  The New Bravia DAV-F200 2.1 Home Theater
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