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GSmart Unveils its Newly Developed UI, Smart Touch: Novel, Sophisticated & Finger-friendly

We just received an email from the nice people over at Gigabyte with a stunning video of the new GUI for their GSmart…

If you’re like us and great fans of Windows mobile devices, or just curious to see how freaking amazing this GUI is, here you are!

GSmart unveiled its newly developed UI: Smart Touch: Novel, sophisticated & finger-friendly

GSmart has announced newly developed UI software – Smart Touch, a new interface that is intuitive, informative and flexible, a more user friendly interface that surely add-value to GSmart products and great benefit to GSmart users when it comes available in April.

GSmart, as one of the PDA phone supplier, it has established a sound position in the market when its famous world’s first (and still the only one) DVB-T roaming PDA phone were introduced to the public, and after since, GSmart has been harvesting the market productively and actively, it has introduced several new models, and each with unique features. GSmart’s hard work and ability in continuous innovation are well recognized in the industry.

Growing with the PDA phones and Smartphone market, GSmart has recently developed a new UI – Smart Touch, which is a finger friendly interface that works like iPhone, but it’s intuitive, informative and flexible features, makes GSmart phone much more personal than iPhone, it is a more integrated version with useful and interesting features.

Smart Touch is an interface that users can customize by adding in 16 most frequently used apps as shortcuts on standby screen, with the shortcuts list displaying at the bottom of the screen, users are able to find the shortcuts they want to activate by swiping across the screen and launch the program simply by tapping on the icon!

Furthermore, Smart Touch has iconized the shortcut list; users can add the shortcut from the list by dragging the shortcut icon to the activate icon, and vice versa: – the shortcut icon can be deleted by dragging to the icon to the trash bin icon. Users are able to manipulate their phone more intuitively and user friendly.

As the main users of PDA phones are mostly business users, GSmart has planned to utilize the middle of the screen to display as much information as possible. For Smart Touch, it can now show the clock in two types of clock face, which are digital or hand clock, user can switch the two types of clock face simply by swiping fingers to the left and to the right. GSmart promise that it will develop further and more informative features should be able to display on the screen.

For those that still adapted to the original interface, it is flexible to switch in between the original interface and Smart Touch. However, GSmart has confidence that the user friendliness of Smart Touch will keep the users no returning to the original interface!

Like the most phone features, users also can customized its own Smart Touch screen, set their own theme, color or even use their favorite pictures as the background. The flexibility and customization is to have the users enjoying more of the new interface!

GSmart revealed that the Chinese version Smart Touch has accidently leaked to the market in April, and has alre that Smart Touch software available to download in many websites, however, those illegal versions are not fully workable due to the protection coding. However, Smart Touch will introduce to European market after May, and GSmart users are able to experiences the genuine and sensational Smart Touch UI by then!

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