Published on April 29th,2008 at 11:35 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m now 34 years old, fat, bald and I received a very nice present this morning…. See below.

Now please call me Daimaou, James Daimaou.

Who else was born on April 30th?

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Happy Birthday to Me!Happy Birthday to Me!
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  • Cutkillavince

    Happy Birthday Daimaou

  • Soysauce

    happy birthday!

    is that really your present? 0_0

  • fan

    Happy birthday!

  • VooDooRoo

    Happy birthday to you!

    Start driving over and pick me up we`ll go for a beer to celebrate!

    Should be a nice driver over to Toyama!

    V D R

  • GodAss

    How do you say happy birthday in japanese?

  • Elmer

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have many more.

  • Swamiji

    Happy birthday to Daimaou James Daimaou from India ! Also enjoy the Golden week holidays !! Have fun !

  • Aavo

    Happy birthday ! I wish i was living also in Japan. Have fun!

  • JohnnyWashNGo

    Tanjoubi Omedetou !!

    Sadly no Japanese input at work but romaji is fine no?

  • Venkataraja

    Have a wonderful day! and a dream come true year!

    Best wishes for “your day”.

  • Ronald

    Happy Birthday!

  • Ronald

    Happy Birthday Damiou!

  • Ronald

  • kitsune

    Happy Birthday Mr. Daimaou. Now don’t get comfortable 002, your mission is still in effect. Locate and present all the best tech information as it appears. Good luck

    Happy Birthday Mr. Akihabara. Thank you for being a very interesting part of my day. My mornings always include a cup of espresso, a bagel, and

  • kitsune

    P.S. I myself will celebrate my birthday nine days from now (on May 9th), so feel free to send me a sports car if you feel like it.

  • breakersrevenge

    Happy BD

    Please return the car asap!!


  • Timotei

    たんじょび おめでと!

  • S1mon

    Happy Birthday!

    Keep ‘er steady on the roads!!!


  • Anfibio

    Felíz Cumpleaños!

  • Norberto

    Happy Birthday buddy, from a AkihabaraNews fun. enjoy your baby car !!! Have a good day! (I was close, just April 24th)

  • dondy

    Happy Birthday!

  • JB

    Who else was born on April 30th?

    -> The Swedish king (Karl XVI Gustaf) was born on this date 1946

  • MastaSuvi

    As well a very happy happy funny starwarsdance birthday from all the people at, including me to youuuu !

  • dood

    seems like the right car for an old fat bald guy, need all the help you can get wit tha ladies

  • spideyivan

    Happy Birthday

  • Ken

    A racing gas burner machine just when the gas raised in Japan :-s but if you can handle that car you can handle the gas tax
    Otanjyoubi Emedetou Daima- Je-musu

  • ibob

    bon anniversaire Daimaou!!

    moi aussi je suis né le 30 avril, mais pas de la même année, moi c’était en 67…
    donc je n’aipas eu d’Aston Martin pour mes 41 ans, mais un joli bébé tout beau.

    Faudrait qu’on se voit lors d’un de mes prochains passage par la capitale du pays du soleil levant.

    Bonne continuité!! et longue vie a ton Site

  • Otakku

    Happy Birthday!!

  • fz22gq


  • Melinda

    Happy Birthday. Keep smile…

  • Peter

    That’s your car??!? You must be working at a host bar in the evenings.



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