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2 New Pioneer Car Mounted GPS for Europe and the USA.

In June 2008, Pioneer will begin selling in Europe, the US, Russia, and Australia two new car GPS, the AVIC-F900BT (DVD player) and AVIC-F700BT (CD Player).

Both feature a 5.8” WVGA touch screen with 2GB of internal memory, voice guidance in 20 different languages, TMC, Text To Speech (TTS), MP3, MPEG-4, DivX, WMA….

Full-scale, pinpoint accurate navigation
The ‘face’ of the AVIC-F900BT is a high-quality 5.8-inch WVGA touch screen that provides ‘second nature’ command of the extensive features list.

Navigation capabilities include:
Pre-installation of Europe-wide mapping on the 2GB fast-response flash memory.
Displays stunning, high-resolution relief maps with elevation and 3D detailing.
Voice guidance available in 20 languages (as are all menus).
TMC bulletins and Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality to provide more informative route guidance (add list).
Smart technologies also ensure accurate positioning in areas where GPS coverage is compromised.
Full-scale entertainment.
Building on its comprehensive navigation features, the NavGate AVIC-F900BT applies its powerful processor to deliver an extensive menu of multimedia and communications options.

The built-in DVD player is always available – even while navigating – to enjoy DVDs and CDs containing Divx, MP3 and WMA content.

Versatile connectivity also means you can watch compressed video such as MPEG 4 on the screen (from SD cards and USB devices), and enjoy audio and video playback from (and control of) iPods.

All audio is powered with exceptional quality through our highly regarded 4X50 MOSFET amplifier and delivered through your car speakers.

The extensive connectivity even supports an optional reversing camera to enhance parking and safeguard pedestrians.

Full-scale, hands-free communication, improving journey safety is also a key feature of the system’s Parrot Bluetooth® phone management technology.

Your phone will automatically register with the NavGate AVIC-F900BT which can store, manage and call up to 300 contacts from three different phones (a privacy feature ensures that only the driver’s phone contacts are displayed). Calls can be made hands-free with conversations clearly relayed through your car’s speakers.

Full-scale flexibility and customisation. As well as accessing your phone contacts and enjoying custom playlists, the system can be further tailored to your requirements through NavGate Feeds, a downloadable PC application. In short, NavGate Feeds allows you to create and add your own points of interest to the system.

Virtually any feature, such as camping grounds, ski resorts, stadiums, or tourist destinations, can be created as points of interest (POI) or preferred destinations. You simply make a note of a location’s address details in a CSV format file and NavGate Feeds searches for them via a web search, converting the data so it can be read by the NavGate AVIC-F900BT. The information is loaded via an SD card or USB stick. The smart easy application ensures it’s simple to create and be guided to preferred destinations.

It’s also useful for businesses; mobile teams can be handed a list of site or customer visits for their day that are immediately downloaded onto the NavGate AVIC-F900BT for it to efficiently manage route planning.

Further customization is available through options that include altering the welcome screen, amending the color of maps and button illumination and recording journey data.

Also available is the NavGate AVIC-F700BT, featuring a CD player instead of DVD, that similarly provides comprehensive all-in-one navigation, AV entertainment and communications. Both units are easily and neatly integrated with vehicles that have 2-DIN radio slots; only the touch screen is visible.

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2 New Pioneer Car Mounted GPS for Europe and the USA.
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