Published on April 18th,2008 at 12:44 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Mario Theme Song Played with a RC Car… Fake or Not?

I’m sure you’ve all seen this truly amazing video of Chinese folks playing the Mario theme in a parking lot with a R/C car and a bottle .

I must admit that after the WOW effect and re-playing this video repeatedly we realized the music is out of sync with the video, or at least the car… The music seems to continue playing even with a huge gap between bottles, and the sound seems very close to a xylophone played by a pro.

We have NO proof to show whether or not this a fake or a real amazing setup by our Chinese friends, so watch the video again carefully and let us know what you think…

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles – Watch more free videos
38% Fake
47% Real Stuff
15% Don’t know

(118 votes)

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  • TenSigh

    The video could be out of sync just ‘coz it’s a crappy video. Doesn’t mean it’s fake. It doesn’t sound like a xylophone at all. It could be fake, tho’.

  • Thetrue

    They sure have way too much free time to do a crap like this!

  • Mateus

    I also believe it is a Fake, the audio sync sucks and the music sounds too much like a xylophone indeed.

  • therealtrue

    Thetrue, you sure dont know in any possible way how to appreciate when some people spending a lot of time, doing a lot of work to entertain you.

  • mottsquad

    This is a copy of a spot directed by my friend Nacho Gayan…

    Nacho did his spot all in-camera, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done that way as well. After all its not rocket science, it just takes a lot of patience!

  • ScarFace

    As far as I know… you can’t produce such high notes with those bottles…
    I’m open for this kind of stuf… but this is definately fake…

    too bad…

  • Neo_the_Neo

    lol, i m sure 80% of the comments were post by ONE guy. dude! admit it, u r jealous cuz u dont like chinese forks and sure never want to accept the pact that they r better than u.

  • Thetrue

    To therealtrue (aka the realUNtrue):

    They didn’t, this is why (lol!).

  • JamesJames

    Which is interesting here is that the video has been cut “edited” but not the music

  • Ken

    I would say that is true that there is a guy with nothing to do but going to his parking lot with a RC car and a lot of empty bottles. What you can’t tell is that probable he failed many times so he took from the movie the parts that did work and put it together. The sound is kind of crappy and is out of rhythm so probable that is real.

  • WaterCoolerGal

    They definitely lined up the bottles with the rhythm of the melody, and it’s not that hard, just takes time if you know the notes, and once you know the notes, you can prepare the bottles with water filled to the desired note(s) in groups ahead of time, and then just lay it out accordingly.

    Has no reason to be fake! However, it’s possible that the real version didn’t sound as good and they “helped” it a bit somehow. But no doubt they were trying to do it with some level of success! =)



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