Published on March 25th,2008 at 1:29 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Samsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall Haptic

Samsung Electronics has released a new touch screen phone, the AnyCall Haptic (Model: SCH-W420, SPH-W4200). The top premium model in the AnyCall Series.

Among its new features, the latest UI is designed for users to enjoy visual, acoustic, and touch sensations. For example, an increase of volume triggers a cute sound and vibration similar to a real analog radio.

Following the trend of my own mobile phone, a Widget function is provided. With it you can place your favorite icons on the screen allowing you to create a unique screen menu.

Unlike simple touch mechanism models, AnyCall Haptic supports a full drag and drop interface where users can manipulate all its new features simply with the touch of a finger.

Users can enjoy various multimedia entertainments through a 16:9 ratio 3.2″ screen. More advanced features like DMB, a 2mega pixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, and payment are also supported.

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Samsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall HapticSamsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall HapticSamsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall HapticSamsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall HapticSamsung Electronics Releases the AnyCall Haptic
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  • Cutkillavince

    Nice Phone

  • Timotei

    How good is this compared to the Iphone? It seems pretty slim and neat, but isn’t the Iphone still the best choice?

  • Daimaou

    Difficult to say since we did not had the device in hands, but this is my personal feeling… I bet the iPHONE is better…

  • BoB

    well the iphone runs osx and that just cant be rivaled by anyone at the moment, its the most advance unix based operating system out there.

  • Framt

    I wonder how much it’ll cost…

  • dean

    This is a case study of why tech forms need to hire and empower at the highest levels great designers. That or just make crude ripoffs of Apple products like the rest of the industry has been doing for years. Engineers should never, ever, have even a fingerprint of influence on the look or feel of a device. Problem is that firms run by engineering do not understand design and equate it with “graphics.” That’s why most consumer tech is ugly and hard to use.

  • HallyuTech

    Hopefully their new UI will start showing up in their North American models soon. Samsung phones are great but in desperate need of a better UI.

  • seifukusha

    i reviewed it here. I dont think its worth it. and its $800 us.!

  • JTChen

    Does anyone know if the phone works with a GSM 850 bandwith? Also, is the phone unlocked for international use? I have a friend that could get me one but I want to make sure that I can use it in NA with the AT&T network first.

  • joanne

    based on what i have read the samsung anycall haptic is alot better then the iphone without a doubt. really hope we can use it here in canada soon.. want one so bad DD:

  • julie

    ok i have this phone
    and it is the SHITTT
    its SO much lighter than the iphone
    except the funner part where you can zoom into pics with your fingers… but
    it’s GOOOD MAN
    probs. better than iphone.

    ps. does anyone konw if i can use this in canada? ’cause it’d be REALLY sweet if i could.

  • bhabha

    i own an iphone and it’s giving me a headache..

  • celeste

    Dude, how can I, obtain a pink Haptic?? I freaking want one so baaaaaad. Any info would be appreciated.

  • cymaeon

    does the screen rotate like the iphone? like, when you turn it sideways does the screen turn sideways to make it easier to text?

  • amyse7en

    i dun know much about dis before until i watch haptic cf by dbsk & snsd.i’ts pretty cool! it’s totally blew me up..i hope i can get it and use it in my country. Besides the features, of course dong bang shin ki really helps in increasing the sale.(^_^)

  • D

    Hey, I got one since I am suppose to be able to use a global roaming sim — it is near impossible to get a cell phone being a foreigner here! Anyway I love it but need to know how to sync for blue tooth connectivity! I have been searching hi and low! I need to download activesync or something but now realize I am not sure what operating system this phone is on— DOES ANYONE KNOW???? HELP!!!!


  • cstuds

    Does anyone know if or when they’ll be avaliable in the United States. Or if you order one I can use it here in the US?

  • sarah

    can anyone tell me where i could possibly order this phone from or when it will come to the USA.Have to have it

  • Alexandra

    i seriously seriously want this phone. but will it ever come to singapore??? anyone know?? and i wan the PINK ONE!!! (: will there be an english version to haptic? cuz obviously i dont understand korean ):

  • Yanling

    Is only avaliable in korea ? O: When will they ever launch a english version one ? ): I really want to own one D:

  • u___u

    The Haptic phone is only available in Korea. The English version is out in most places under the name Samsung i900 Omnia, without contract it’s about $800 U.S..

  • keytaro

    if u want t ohava a pink phone…..paint it with pink paint nyahahahaah

  • Yeng

    Is the writing only in Korean and where do we order it?
    Does it only sell in Korea?

  • Isaac

    You cant compare Iphone and Anycall Samsungs Haptic Phone both of them are good and you can choose either iphone of Samsung haptic’s phone

  • christine

    is it available in singapore?

  • Gauel

    when is it available in malaysia?

  • Gauel

    when is the haptic pop available in malaysia-penang?how much the price?>

  • Liza

    samsung haptic just arrived in davao. anyone interested?

  • ej

    can anybody know wat is the phne lock of the new w420 haptic anycall…plz help me tnx

  • hassan

    i have problem open my phone

  • dika

    when samsung anycall haptic any in indonesia?

  • lilpas

    When will the Anycall Haptic Popp CF Model: (SCH-W750, SCH-W420, SPH-4200) be able to purchase in the USA? What is the price? And we’ll Verizon Wireless be one of their carries? If so when will it be released?

  • Tvxq

    May I know if ani1selling it online? Please contact me ya!!

  • Nesh-z

    I dont know how to use this mobilephone, internet and “+”  how??? Help please



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