Published on March 20th,2008 at 10:01 PM
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GSmart t600 Takes Its Mark to Launch in France

Many of you were wondering when GSmart devices would reach Europe in a more aggressive approach… Well here you are… Finally, a major mobile phone operator decided to jump into the GSmart Wagon, and our French readers will soon be able to get their very own PDA phone with DVB-T (digital TV)…

Fore more information please check the press release below:

GSmart t600, the world’s 1st DVB-T Roaming Digital TV PDA phone is ready to launch in France in on 20th March 2008

GIGA-BYTE Communications (GBC) is one of the pioneer in the Smartphone & PDA phone market, and known as a harvester of niche market and innovative PDA phone supplier. GBC has introduced its GSmart PDA phones to several international markets, and is finally ready to launch in France in Mid-March 2008, along with its announcement of the partnership with the French MVNO – Neuf Cegetel.

When GIGA-BYTE Communications (GBC) unveiled GSmart t600, the World’s first DVB-T roaming Digital TV PDA phone last year, it has marked its strong position in this niche market, and with its success in the markets that it has entered, GSmart is now ready to catch the attention of the French market. Along with its partnership with Neuf Cegetel, GSmart t600 will not only benefits the end users with its ability to watch TNT for free, but also providing wide ranges of services such as VoIP and IPTV with the device.

GSmart T600 – Work Smart, Play Hard

GSmart t600 is the world’s first digital TV PDA phone that supports DVB-T roaming; it displays digital TV programs and images of the finest quality through its 2.6 inches, 260k-pixel VGA screen – a standard unseen in PDA phones. From Internet browsing to photo slideshow, making the TV watching experience on GSmart t600 a pleasure to the mind and eye. Reflecting the distinctive look of porcelain with its semi-opaque front piece, GSmart t600 introduces a never-to-be-seen lightness and pureness to the PDA phone world, displaying confidence and freedom in the essence of minimalism.

GSmart t600 runs on the latest Vista compatible operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, which offers many new business and multimedia features such as Windows Live, Windows Update, HTML supported email and much more. Data processing and management is more efficient than ever with the USB 2.0 enabled connectivity, 256MB built-in memory, 520MHz CPU and accelerator. Apart from the 4 hour talk time, users can watch digital TV for 2 consecutive hours. The built-in Spb Backup software backups and restores important data, ensuring that users’ valuable data is always secured.

More than just a phone with digital TV, GSmart t600 is designed to let on-the-move users “work smart, play hard”. Users can save their favorite multimedia files on micro SD card and listen to music, watch video, and browse photos anytime, anywhere; or capture memorable moments using the 2 Mega-pixel cameras with auto focus and video recording functions. Unique phone applications like phone recording, blacklist, and background sound effects provided only by GSmart, are designed to ensure that users can make calls in the most efficient way.

GSmart t600 – Joins Neuf TWin Family as TWIN TNT™ GSmart

Neuf Cegetel is the first alternative operator in France that has long harvested in the communications industry and beyond, it has established an image of innovation and out of tradition. The wide range of product lines such as mobile phone, internet, and Neuf TV etc. have shown the capabilities of Neuf as a strong communications and entertainment service provider. Sharing the similar corporate values of innovation, GSmart and Neuf are looking forward to their prosperous partnership. GSmart t600 will join the TWIN™ family as the latest device in a series of mobile phones that support both GSM and also WiFi services (internet, VoIP, IPTV). GSmart t600 will be into the French market the unique mobile handset with DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) feature. Under the partnership, GSmart t600 will be available as a bundle Neuf’s service plan, under the commercial name of TWIN TNT™.

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  • marketing

    GSmart t600 is the world’s first digital TV PDA phone. But isn’t a 2.6 inches screen to small to watch tv?

  • MicroDesign

    It mobile mate. Who would want to carry a 7″ PDA? No one
    GSmart is booming this summer. Love the new cellphones.



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