Published on March 13th,2008 at 10:02 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Japanese has Big Mac Fever… (What’s Hot in Japan Now?)

And no, Japanese do not only eat healthy food like sushi or sashimi every day, they also eat a lot of burgers… Like the 23 Million Mega Macs they ate during the limited promotion period made a couple of month ago in Japan (In Tokyo you have something like 17 Million inhabitants).

Strong from this, Mc Donald’s Japan decided to make sure that Japanese people get as fat as some in other countries with a newly launch line-up of Big Macs… While you’ll will still find the regular Big Mac, you’ll also find the Mega Muffin (morning time) as well as the Mega Teriyaki (Evening time)… Oh… Your heart doctor will be pleased.

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  • Kamina

    isn’t the Mega Mac like our double Big Mac? which is considered to be more of a “stuck on the menu” item than a promo item.
    Other than that, i think that supersized version of a Egg McMuffin is a good idea…even though i dont eat it often…

  • Busybuddy

    Somebody needs to use spell checker. Damn!

  • Daimaou

    Yeah well, this will be proof read later on so just wait for a couple of minutes…

  • Takeshi

    Please !, my fellow japanese friends ! use a spell checker, you are embarrasing us. . These mistakes cannot happen on a front page. By the way…. I am eating a Big Mac right now

  • Thetrue

    LOL! Go watch old anime (and not so old), they used to have a LOT grammar errors!


    PS: And they were easy, like “Dangar”, instead “Danger”.

  • Noshame

    Takeshi san. What happened with your upper letters. Did you forget them? Those are also mistakes. Do you not think so?
    Furthermore, if the message context was understood, why complaining about few mistakes? I always thought this was an informative page and not a, “How 2 spell”, page. Unless your Big Mac was 2 hard 2 swallow and you needed to criticize something because of your poor choice of food.

  • MicroDesign

    They look damn tasty! but I’m having pizza today.

  • PiZ

    ..i definitely agree with Noshame!
    Come on, stop complaining about grammar.. =)

  • Dan

    watch out for the grammar police, yall do anything besides surf the net looking for mispellings then telling people how they misspell things, losers oh and the fat editor website guy talking about mcd’s making people fat, it looks like you fell for mcdonalds too…..dont hate playa’

  • OneFaith

    Uhzz. Ermzz. Why deos snlilepg cunot?
    I raed if you tpye lkie tihs you can slitl raed it. =/. So why deos snepllig cnout?



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