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Two New GIGA JUKE HDD Hi-Fi Systems from SONY

Sony unleashed in the UK two new GIGA JUKE sound systems.

NAS-SC55PKE with 80GB of HDD 16x high speed ripping, transfers audio contents to DAPs, mobile phones, and PSP up to 50x, with Wifi and a generous 4.3” color LCD screen.

Its little brother E35GB can only store up to 15000 tracks in simple black & white LCD with no Wifi.

The main advantage of the NAS-SC55PKE over the E35GB is its Room2Room system that allows you to wirelessly stream audio data to a maximum of five clients. Meaning you can listen to any kind of music wherever you are in your house.

Weybridge, 10th March 2008 – Music storage made simple, without the need for a PC – that’s what Sony GIGA JUKE systems are all about. And the new NAS-E35HD and NAS-SC55PKE systems make GIGA JUKE more flexible, than ever.

Both systems have hard disk storage and high-speed copying from their built-in CD player to the HDD, and both have radio tuners and a dock for iPod, meaning you can store all your digital tunes – and the rest of your music collection – in superb quality, and enjoy it whether you’re relaxing at home or out and about.

The entry-level NAS-E35HD system brings all this flexibility to a highly affordable price-point, while the NAS-SC55PKE is a complete multi-room system of music server and wireless player unit, able to deliver music to up to five zones – wirelessly. It can fill your entire home with music.

The GIGA JUKE stores, labels, and organizes your music in its internal Hard Disk Drive using unique intelligent software. When you’re ready to go on the move, it’s easy to release your music: GIGA JUKE can transfer your favourite tunes directly to your WALKMAN®, WALKMAN® phone or other portable audio players – no PC needed.


Store Your Music

The NAS-SC55PKE is a complete multiroom music system, able to store up to 40,000 songs, ripped at up to 16x speed, so a 60-minute CD can be copied in less than 4 minutes. It can also transfer files to portable players at up to 50x speed.

Thanks to its choice of Linear PCM, MP3, Window Media Audio or ATRAC compatibility, the system can store a massive music collection, whether it’s from CD, radio, external sources such as vinyl, or a home PC. Automatic title labelling is provided using Gracenote’s music recognition technology and database, containing music data for music datas for approximately 350,000 albums. The ‘finger print recognition’ even analyses the character of tracks recorded from LP or any other analogue source, and tags the track/artist data from the built-in database.


On top of this “Digital Jukebox” solution, this GIGA JUKE can deliver music wirelessly to up to five client players* (one is included in the package), Wherever you are in your home, you can access the main server from the wireless players, and even listen to different songs in each of the five zones. When you’re having a party with your friends, just press the “Party Mode” button, and every room with a wireless player will play the same music at the same time.

*Without any interference/obstacles.

The system comprises the NAS-S55HDE main unit – combining HDD storage, CD player, FM/AM tuner (with DAB on UK models), and 4.3inch full-colour display – and the NAS-C5E wireless player, which has integral amplification and speakers and can be used to access the NAS-S55HDE wirelessly from anywhere in the house, and separately available allowing upgrade to enjoy full multi-room around the house. This NAS-C5E is also equipped with internet radio.

With up to five wireless players able to be used simultaneously, and the main system having its own speakers, the NAS-SC55PKE is an instant, and expandable, multi-room system. Setting up the wireless connection around the house is both quick and easy, thanks to Sony’s unique, user-friendly instant wireless set-up (S-IWS*) system, which works as soon as each unit is turned on This GIGA JUKE is also DLNA certified for both the server and wireless player, so you can even enjoy streaming music from/to PC or any other DLNA-compatible products wirelessly.

*Sony Instant Wireless Audio Setup

Organise and Enjoy Your Music

Once you’ve loaded the GIGA JUKE NAS-SC55PKE with all your music, it comes into its own as the ultimate home ‘jukebox’. The x-DJ feature intelligently analyses tracks to categorise your music library into 27 different channels to suit any occasion – like ‘good morning’ for waking up, ‘party time’ for socialising, and ‘slow life’ to chill out in the evening. While a song is playing you can also ‘surf’ through tracks stored on the HDD at the touch of a button.

Choose ‘artist’ in Music Surfin’ mode and GIGA JUKE will pull all tracks from the same artist into a playlist. Similarly, choosing ‘year’ will search for all tracks released in the same era and ‘mood’ will look for all tracks with the same musical taste.

If you want to hear your favourite radio shows again and again, the GIGA JUKE systems can also record radio programs from its tuner into its Hard Disk Drive with the timer function, while the NAS-SC55PKE system can even separate talk and music automatically using Sony’s unique “12 Tone Analysis” technology. UK versions also have a DAB tuner.

The main system has 100W of award-winning S-MASTER digital amplification, and comes complete with sleek two-way speakers with soft dome tweeter for precise mid-high frequencies and Resonant Bass Duct for powerful & rich bass sound. Meanwhile the wireless player has a wooden cabinet for natural sound, 20W amplification and built-in stereo speakers with Long Stroke Duct for powerful bass, so you can enjoy your digital music in stunning hi-fi quality sound all around the house.

Release Your Music

It’s also quick and easy to release your music when you want to take your favourite tunes out with you. At the touch of a button, single tracks or whole albums can be copied from the GIGA JUKE hard disk to a connected personal audio, such as WALKMAN®, WALKMAN® phone, PlayStation Portable, MP3 players and USB storage devices at up to 50x speed – that’s 74 minutes of music in just 90 seconds.

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Two New GIGA JUKE HDD Hi-Fi Systems from SONYTwo New GIGA JUKE HDD Hi-Fi Systems from SONYTwo New GIGA JUKE HDD Hi-Fi Systems from SONY
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    looks stylish , i think it’s a good time to change my living room music system

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