Published on January 20th,2009 at 12:16 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

Hello Kitty Netbook Windows 7 Powered… The Ultimate Powerful PC?

I became a Mac user the first day Microsoft sent me a copy of Vista Ultimate… and while I admit that I could have stayed with XP, I welcomed the OS change (to OSX) and still can’t understand how Microsoft screwed up things THAT bad with Vista…

Seriously, if you don’t have a minimum of 2GB DDR3 RAM, a Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz, 7200rpm HDDs and a decent last gen video card, the Vista experience still sucks hard… So let’s imagine all these notebooks on the market with Core Solo, Celeron, Core Duo CPUs… or even better ATOM… like a Willcom D4 or other Netbook from Japan…

But then last December after a little trip to Seattle, the MS Windows Team (hi Chris), try to connivence us that 7 would be the right thing even for a Netbook… once more I was unimpressed and argued that 7 was just a simple SP (Service Pack) rather than a real OS…

Then Windows 7 came… and I figured the best thing to do was to test Windows 7 on the worst device ever… an average Japanese Netbook (usually sold with Windows XP Home) and not my HTPC monster configuration.

Our test device was a Sotec (Onkyo) C101K3W, powered with an Atom N270 CPU (1.60GHz), 1GB of RAM, intel 945GSE Express and 120GB of HDD, the Hello Kitty Limited Edition… pretty simple… and I’m not ashamed to admit that I own a Hello Kitty PC…

Once the installation of 7 was finished (quickly), I was surprised to discover that only the unusual WiFi drivers were missing, all other components for my C1 hasd been installed… Most surprising too was that my Windows 7 installation was activated with Aero…

Running pretty fast and smoothly I was became intrigued. My Hello Kitty Netbook, with 1GB of RAM and a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, seemed to run faster than my ASUS R1F Tablet PC with 2GB of RAM a Core Duo 1.6GHz and a 7200rpm SATA HDD…

Let’s try something crazy, let’s install Photoshop CS3 along side Bridge and let’s try to open a 4.3MB JPEG picture shot with a CANON 5D (4368×2912)… Now let’s download from NAS via WiFi over 1.80GB of these pictures (over 400) and try to open them all up in Bridge while playing a video (HD Video converted into SD to work on an Archos PMP), surf tthe Web, playi with AERO, and try editing some of these 4.3MB JPEG files… Yep all of this fancy stuff that any decent PC running XP or VISTA would usually do without a glitch and scares away the average Netbook…

How did it go? AMAZINGLY WELL! As you can see in the footage below, Adobe Bridge opened all the pictures that loaded for the first time in a blast … Editing one of the pictures on Photoshop CS3 also went well… With all this stuff open I could even use AERO… One drawback was the ATOM CPU still struggled with HD and Flash HD streaming video… Other than that… everything went like a charm!

Don’t believe me? Check the video below!

Music from Coppe

Bottom line, I encourage ANYONE to try 7 on their PC. In most cases everything will install smoothy, I run 7 on my tablet PC everyday… 7 is a kick ass OS with NOTHING in common with Vista when it comes to speed and performance… 
(There are other nifty things about 7 too.)

Installed on a powerful PC you may not see much of difference, but on low spec notebooks, it’s simply AMAZING…

However please remember this is a Beta OS, and there are some bugs. My HTPC crashed several times and I even had a BSOD… I found out this problem was due to a driver issue (NVidia), also not all ATOM powered PCs give that much of satisfaction, you will see Monday what I’m talking about…

Lord I’m impatient to see the final result, but if Vista disgusted… 7 is now winning my heart…

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  • RudeRetro

    Thanks for the review. I too am looking forward to Windows 7 and have been hearing good things about it. Vista will be skipped by me luckily. It reminds me of the many people who had the good fortune to skip Millennium.

  • Ryan

    I tried Vista when it first came out, and it wasn’t bad after I got all the drivers figured out. After a bad spyware infection I went back to xp, and am now back on vista. I don’t see the problem with it. It works great. Running vista ultimate. I have 4gb of ram, plenty of space on 7200 rpm drives, somewhere around 700 gigs, hoping to expand with a terrabyte or more. and a e6600 2.4 core 2 duo 2. also using an ati 4850. oh ya it is a good setup that did cost me money. I spent less than $1200 building it. Most of the pc were built two years ago. people running pc’s that are 8 years old, with less than a gig of memory need to just suck it up and build new. I mean come on, 4 gigs of ram cost me $25 after rebate from newegg. a friend of mine was considering installing more pc-100 in her pc, it only has 256 megs of ram. gee I don’t know why it runs like a pos….

  • Bex

    I think you are being a bit harsh on Vista a running version comes in at less than 600 MB memory used with antivirus software installed and I have seen it running fine on a 1.2 celeron apart from when you run flash content where the cpu will peak. I think a
    fast HD is more essential than anything

    Windows 7 defiantly runs better though

  • Joaquim

    Windows remains Windows.
    I don’t like all the previous versions and I don’t think I’m gonna like 7.

  • HamSolo

    Quiet Mario, you’re from The Mushroom Kingdom. They only have Wario OS there.

  • Almost_Otaku

    You can’t escape the Kitty!

  • jack286

    I had pretty much the same experience wth the Acer Aspire One, except for the photos. It played movies, downloaded, browsed, played video, took webcam picture, made phone calls using MagicJack, etc. I had just about every port occupied (3 USB, 2 SD, VGA monitor, network).

    The only thing it would not run for me was Handbrake, which required a higher resolution screen.

    Love the small dimensions and low weight.

  • yk

    Vista, even I have a powerful T61 with Interl Duo Core 2 2.2G, 2GB RAM and 7200RPM hdd, I still can not stand it. I format the VISTA and installed the Ubuntu 8.10.

  • iZero

    Using Window 7 since beta 7022 came n’ loving it Before that I used WIN XP 64-bit. Vista, which I tried lasted for max. 2 monthes (good thing I never payed a cent for that). With a big smile on my face I’ve deleted Vista and installed 7, beta version of which is much more stable. So when 7 comes up I’ll buy it (he he, guess that will be first time I ever pay to M$).


    hi there..
    i am comeing to tokyo in the 12 aprile 2009
    and i takeing with me my HTC shift…
    i anted to kno if in tokyo i can find someone that can chenge me the O,S from vista to windos 7 or XP…
    i don’t like the vista and with 1GB is so so so slow…
    so plasce if any one know where i can do it in TOKYO i will be happy to chenge the OS
    thank’s agine guys.

  • Opps

    I am interested in running Windows 7 on my Toshiba Qosmio GX/79G. How do I do it? Will I have to install new drivers for my CPU, video card, etc? Are drivers available for all this stuff?


    men,vista is the worse OS that hav been made! if u change 2 vista u hav to upgrade your computer,and also is the worse plataform to play games,if u hav 2 giga bts RAM,vista will give 2 you only haf of that,the other haf it is using for bushit!!!
    while windows 7 u can run it in any pc! even slow or fast as windos XP also!!guys dont lost ur money with VISTA keep XP and wait for WINDOS 7!


    i was suprise!!!when i tried the beta version windows 7,i didnt need to lookfor any drive!!
    all the drives was perfect!!! except the USB,but this i did buy a part!
    the problem is, is only for 30 days

  • NantCom

    Well….it’s a Windows Vista with almost purely cosmetic change + bug fixes though they made Win7 within less than a year.

    I have used Vista on Sonoma 1.7, 4200rpm HDD, 1.2GB of ram to deliver lots of projects in the past few years without feeling any slowness. i got Dell precision M4400 (P8600/4GB/7200rpm) recently from my company…and honestly, there is no difference from my old laptop…except hardcore media encoding and large project build.

    You heard lots of bad news about Vista that’s why it sucks, but everyone seems to be overly happy with Windows 7 that’s why Win7 is better than Vista…while it is Vista…and vista SP2 is probably Win7 fixes backport to Vista.

    BTW. I have been using Windows7 on slow-like-hell AspireOne A110 + With some minor tweaks…and it’s lightning fast!!! (see for guide…it’s in Thai though)

  • 84VV849

    What is the audio in the first half of the video guys?

  • 84VV849

    Found it… Knew the chords reminded me of something

    Lavender Oil [Plaid Remix] (7:15)

    Thanks anyway folks.



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