Published on March 5th,2008 at 12:35 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

PR Bullshit = Samsung Ships World’s first 2.5” 500GB HDD for Notebooks

I love PR releases sometimes… Like this one announcing Samsung’s shipment of the world’s first 500GB 2.5HDD… But hold on a second… Two weeks ago Fujitsu announced the very same thing…

Ah ok I maybe got it. The Fujitsu HDD is a 4200rpm while Samsung’s is a 5400rm one… Ok my mistake then

The New SATA 2.5” 500GB HDD from Fujitsu

Samsung Ships World’s First 2.5″ Half-Terabyte Mobile Hard Drive for Notebook PCs
San Jose, CA on Mar 04, 2008
San Jose, CA, March 4, 2008 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, announced today that it is shipping the world’s first half-terabyte (500GB) 2.5″ mobile hard drive – the new Spinpoint M6. The Spinpoint M6 is designed to fit the industry’s standard 9.5mm height dimension and armed with a massive 500GB capacity, the drive is targeted to meet the growing storage needs of today’s notebook computers as well as slim form factor PCs and high density mobile applications.

“Our customers require more and more notebook storage for their data, video and music files”, said Andy Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. “Our Spinpoint M6 easily fits within notebook PCs with no modification to the notebook PC chassis, giving users more storage power than ever before.”

Samsung’s new Spinpoint M6 consists of three 167GB platters in a 2.5″ hard drive frame measuring just 9.5mm in height. This critical feature gives notebook PC manufacturers the option of easily integrating the Spinpoint M6 into the tens of millions of notebook PCs that ship every quarter.

Mainstream notebook PCs can now support capacity of up to one terabyte by employing two Samsung Spinpoint M6 drives. For premium notebook PCs, the Spinpoint M6 meets the Microsoft fast-boot design requirements and supports ramp load and unload of up to 600,000 times.

The Spinpoint M6 500GB hard drive features a 5400rpm spindle speed, a 8MB cache, and 3.0Gbps SATA interface with a Free-Fall-Sensor available as an optional feature. Perpendicular Magnetic Recording technology enables the 500GB drive to store 160,000 digital images, 125 hours of DVD movies, or 60 hours of high definition video images. The drive also features Samsung’s Flying-on-Demand head technology that improves recording stability over changing temperature ranges.

The Spinpoint M6 is currently shipping with an MSRP of $299.

Via Samsung
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  • Tokyo

    SHIPPED!! Samsung is the first to SHIP. Hitachi was the first to ANNOUNCE! See the difference??? Gees, calm down!

  • Daimaou

    Geeee Fujitsu Shipped them too ! Come on guy ! Please READ before jumping like this ! Fujitsu a couple of week announced their 500GB 2.5HDD (start selling and shipping) then 1 week before that Buffalo was annoncing their new 2.5″ 500GB HDD, which are NOW in store across Japan… So please READ BEFORE POSTING and make an idiot of yourself !

  • Ayle

    The Hitachi has a non standard height(12mm) which means that it won’t fit in every laptops or enclosures whereas the Samsung use the regular 9mm one which means that Samsung is more right in their statement that Hitachi ^^


    Bullshit indeed…Samsung announced this drive long ago, and it is in fact the first shipping 500gb notebook drive in the industry standard 9.5mm height (not the 12mm height which doesn\\\’t fit many notebooks). Why call the first commenter an idiot, Daimaou? Insulting your readers will only earn you ire, especially when you\\\’re WRONG! I think you owe someone an apology.

  • Daimaou

    Ok so here it is… you can buy 500GB HDD from Fujitsu in Japan since 3 weeks now, and Samsung annonce that they start shipping their HDD… (Hdd they announced in Januray 2008 but did not shipped yet)… I have the choice of buying since 3 weeks a Fujitsu HDD and wait that Samsung finish its HDD shipment to buy one…. Yeah… wonderful !

  • AKJammer

    Ok, somethings shipping. Where can I buy one? I\’d prefer the Spinpoint, but the Toshiba A135 series laptops has an extra 3mm in the drive caddy and should be able to accept the larger drives. So basic question, where can one be purchased?

  • Achang

    I lives in Tokyo. I am interested to buy the Samsung MR 500 GB internal hard drives for my MacBook Pro.
    Please can you let me know where I can buy it in Tokyo. I appreciate it very much.

    Achang Elijah



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